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EQ's Household Hazardous Waste Services Support Communities, Give U.S. Residents Specialty Recycling Opportunities

Press release date: Feb 25, 2014

Wayne, MI – Residents across the country can take advantage of specialty recycling events geared towards residential disposal of hazardous household waste, run by industry leader, EQ- The Environmental Quality Company (EQ). EQ works not only with commercial customers across multiple industries to handle industrial hazardous waste, but also has several household hazardous waste (HHW) programs handling residential disposal in communities nationwide. EQ offers residents a safe (and compliant) process to remove unwanted hazardous material from their homes and dispose of it properly for the environment.

Over nearly 30 years, these HHW efforts have grown from very simple events collecting lead-based paint to full-scale robust waste recycling and HHW disposal events. In addition to hazardous waste, most EQ events also take in electronics, cardboard, glass, metal, and tires for recycling, and perform document shredding services too.

Both residents and communities are always grateful for EQ’s services: residents are provided a way to dispose of items properly; and communities are providing a valuable service to residents while achieving their environmental goals.

As an example, EQ’s HHW Florida operations provide comprehensive services to 43 Florida counties comprising over 80% of the state’s population. Collections include experienced labor, materials, equipment and disposal and are provided as a turnkey service for local communities.

In 2013 alone, EQ estimates that the Florida operation:

• Held 93 mobile collections
• Performed 124 permanent site shed cleanouts
• Had 41 CESQG collections sponsored by a municipality • Shipped approximately 13,000 packaged containers

EQ’s Michigan operation also reaches numerous communities throughout the region with collection events. Typically these programs are offered during the spring, summer, and fall with material being collected from different cities and counties throughout the state. Occasionally private businesses also team up with EQ on behalf of their employees for HHW disposal.

Comments from residents are always positive and appreciative. As people demand these services from their cities and counties in the name of environmental conscientiousness, communities respond and set aside funds for these special HHW collection events. Three of the larger counties in Florida, for example, spent over $1 million dollars for HHW collection alone in 2013.

The outlook for household hazardous waste collection has no end in sight; responsible communities turn to EQ for support to meet the demand of their residents, both now and in the future. Contact your local municipality or look for an EQ-run event near you, for your household hazardous waste needs.

For additional information on Household Hazardous Waste Services please contact EQ’s national customer service center at (800) 592-5489 or visit us at

About EQ – The Environmental Quality Company is a fully integrated environmental services and waste management organization based in Wayne, Michigan. We implement innovative technology and service solutions that minimize waste volumes, reduce costs and protect the environment. EQ owns ISO and OHSAS certified treatment, disposal and recycling facilities and manages an extensive line of remediation, industrial cleaning and total waste management services throughout North America. Our combination of fixed-based facilities and extensive service capabilities allows EQ to meet the environmental sustainability goals of our customers. For additional information on EQ, please go to

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