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Epoxy System EP62-1 Featuring Superior Chemical Resistance to Harsh Chemicals

Press release date: Sep 01, 2017

Master Bond EP62-1 is primarily used as an adhesive, sealant or coating. It has the ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions including exposure to acids, bases and solvents. This two part epoxy features thermal stability with a glass transition temperature exceeding 160-165°C.

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Dimensionally stable, this two part epoxy has excellent physical strength properties. It has a long pot life and versatile cure schedules at moderately elevated temperatures. This system also exhibits excellent electrical insulation characteristics. Some additional properties include:

Tensile lap shear strength: 2,000-2,200 psi

High elongation: 3-5%

Volume resistivity: >10^14 ohm-cm

Service temperature range: -60°F to +450°F [-51°C to +232°C]

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