Epiphan to Demonstrate ATC/ATM Video-Audio Capture, Record, Streaming and Replay Products at ATC Global 2011 Epiphan Exhibiting at ATC Global 2011 - Booth H125

Feb 15, 2011, Ottawa, Canada - Epiphan Systems Inc., an innovator in ATC video and audio signal source processing products, will exhibit between March 8th and March 10th, 2011 at the ATC Global 2011 Exhibition and Conference for Air Traffic Control and Air Traffic Management systems (http://www.atcevents.com).

Customers and business partners can visit Stand H125 for demonstrations of Epiphan's products and solutions for the air traffic control and air traffic management market:

o VGA/DVI Grid(TM) : Non-obtrusively relays, synchronizes, timestamps, records, steams and replays one or more input signals from DVI or VGA sources onto one or more display channels. Ideal for recording and replaying multi-source video and audio from multiple Radar systems, ATC/ATM systems.

o Industrial Process Recorder(TM) for ATC : Portable appliance to non-obtrusively record, timestamp, broadcast, replay DVI/VGA/HD Screen + Audio. OS agnostic, no software to deploy on source, secure, 1920x1200 up to 30 FPS, 256 G local storage ( days of recording)

o VGA Recorder Pro(TM) Screen, Video + Audio Recording and Replay for ATC information systems. Supports screen + video camera input, picture on picture, synchronized, time-stamped, labelled Recording for ATC. Auto update to archive server, external storage devices, removable drives. Ideal for DVR and incident reporting applications.

o VGA Ground Loop Isolator / Splitter: specifically designed for cleaning VGA signals in a noisy environment. 2048 x 2048 support, non-obtrusive connection to existing VGA signal. Multiple devices can be daisy chained to create a network of replicated and ground isolated VGA displays.

o VGA2Ethernet Pro(TM), VGA2USB Pro(TM), DVI2USB Duo(TM): A family of frame grabber screen recorders in various form factors and network connectivity options. These hi resolution frame grabbers are designed to support the capture, recording and replay of hi resolution ATC and Radar VGA/DVI displays.

o KVM2USB(TM) : Pocket sized KVM for capturing VGA signals and controlling "headless" compute farms from a single computer using your local keyboard and mouse. Pocket sized, portable and USB powered means no power drain on your UPS during power outages. A must have for IT/MIS crash cart emergencies.

o KVM2Ethernet(TM): Remotely access and control any "headless" machine with VGA and PS/2 or USB outputs. Lightweight solution replaces bulky crash carts, supports legacy equipment, proprietary OSes and embedded systems management.

o Framexpert(TM) : Epiphan's FrameXpert markets, manufactures, and supports custom T-slotted aluminum frame structures, server racks and furniture solutions created with its free Frame Designer software. Frame Designer lets the average computer user design any structure made from aluminum profiles without the prior knowledge of CAD or other 3D design software.

About Epiphan Systems

Epiphan Systems Inc. ("Epiphan") develops, markets, manufactures and supports an innovative line of VGA/DVI/HD video signal source processing products. The products are proven, ideal solutions for capturing, compressing, transcoding, recording, broadcasting, streaming, display and printing of virtually any video source.

Epiphan products are used in a wide range of applications such as education, training, simulation, medical imaging, computing, security, transportation and legal applications in which capturing, processing, recording and sharing VGA/DVI/HD video source output is critical to effective communication. Epiphan is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with a sales office in the USA and authorized resellers throughout the world.

For more information, please visit www.epiphan.com

To book an appointment please click here to contact Epiphan Media Relations.

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