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Data Loggers Monitor and Alarm Temperature, Humidity and More

CHESTERLAND OH — Do you need a device to monitor temperature and/or humidity in a pharmaceutical laboratory? Data loggers are an ideal way to automate environmental measurement. At CAS DataLoggers we often speak with callers looking for the right data logger to monitor samples and/or equipment for their laboratory application. However, many people are new to data logging and aren't sure which manufacturer or feature to go with. If you need a monitoring solution, our Pharma Environmental Monitoring FAQ can help you find the right logger for your application:

Environmental Monitoring Benefits:

In pharmaceutical laboratories, whether for manufacturing or RD, it's often critical to monitor temperature and humidity for several reasons:

• Product Quality Control of materials, samples and goods

• Equipment Monitoring

• Tracking experiment progress and storing samples

• Freedom to work without having to constantly check a thermometer or LCD display

Q: Which data loggers are designed for lab use?

A: Data loggers can measure nearly any physical or electrical value, so they're used in many laboratory applications, whether to record data from experiments or to handle measurement of the required temp and humidity for equipment such as refrigerators and freezers, incubators, climate chambers, autoclaves, etc. While there are many different manufacturers and models, we can help you narrow down your search with a few questions about the product, equipment or room you're monitoring and where it's located.

For example if you're looking to monitor one to three storage units, the Accsense A2-05 Temperature Datalogger connects to your laboratory's medical refrigerators and freezers to provide cost-effective monitoring for every unit. Often, just one Accsense pod can cover all your monitoring points, with inputs for external sensors including 2 RTDs and a thermocouple.

Q: I don't know what sensor types I'll be using—which loggers are flexible?

A: When this is the case, or when you'll be using multiple sensor types, it's often more cost-effective to use a datalogger with universal analog inputs which can connect with many different sensor types. We have universal input dataloggers from dataTaker and Grant which can record and store temperature readings from thermocouples, thermistors, RTDs, and many other kinds of sensors. Additionally, if you need to monitor carbon dioxide, our TD Multivalue Logger records CO2, temp and humidity simultaneously.

Q: I know which sensor type I need--Which data logger connects to it?

A: If you know in advance what sensor type you'll be using, that will quickly narrow down your search. For example many data loggers are designed to record data from thermocouples, significantly lowering your cost, while others can connect to a broader range of temperature sensors such as RTDs and thermistors. We also offer dataloggers with their own internal sensors to save you time—just plug them in.

Q: What type of data logger can I get at my price range?

A: Nowadays data loggers are available in a wide variety of models from many different manufacturers. We offer temperature data loggers from $20 and up for most applications including environmental monitoring, life science, and more. ECCS I-Plug+ BIO dataloggers provide an inexpensive, easy to use solution for stand-alone data recording of temperature in lab and life science applications. Their small, thin sizes and low temperature range makes them perfect for laboratory and life science monitoring applications.

Applications such as biorepository storage or cleanroom monitoring demand more sophisticated systems with the advanced functionality to protect your valuable products and specimens.

Q: Should I go with a wireless or wired logger?

A: Our answer depends on several factors including your facility's network, the physical layout and resultant wireless range, and where the datalogger will be installed. Our Applications Specialists ask callers these  details to narrow down the possibilities. For a hassle-free solution we also have standalone dataloggers which perform unattended recording completely independent of a PC.

Among our wireless solutions, Accsense and T&D wireless data loggers automatically send their data to secure cloud servers so you can view data and alarms any time from your mobile device. Cloud Storage offers you:

• Completely Automated Operation

• Online Access for Multiple Users

• Logs, Graphs, Charts

• Secure Data Storage

• Local and Remote Alarms

• Product Protection 24/7

Q: How can we prove compliance with our specific regulations?

A: Dataloggers perform continual monitoring, alarming and electronic documentation to aid with compliance and best practices in the pharma industry. We have dataloggers to help you achieve compliance with many common laboratory regulations.

If you need to record and archive data for FDA and other compliance reporting, CAS Data Loggers has several monitoring solutions for your specific application. We can provide temperature and humidity data loggers and sensors suitable for use in medical storage units and more. We can also provide configuration and graphing software for printed presentation and traceability of the measured data. Finally, we can perform NIST calibration and validation services for the entire system.

Q: Where will alarms be sent?

A: For many callers with temperature-sensitive products, alarm capability is the most important factor to consider. When your storage units have a temperature excursion, do you want a datalogger that shows its alarm state by audible alert, or will you need an email sent directly to your mobile device to alert you after hours or on the weekend? We offer many different models which let you choose how you receive alarms. Using a wireless data logger, you can view data online from any web-enabled device—desktop, laptop or smartphone. It's easy to check the condition of your valuable products no matter where you are. Examples include models from Lascar, T&D and Accsense. These devices can send out SMS text messages, emails, and even sequentially-dialed voice messages with the ability to design custom callout lists. You'll also get an immediate notification of Power or Internet outages, during which your system will continue to log data.

Q: What happens if I encounter a problem?

A: You can always call our FREE expert technical support for assistance with setup, configuration and downloading data. Unlike many other distributors, we work with these products every day and can also provide you with installation and custom programming services.

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