Ensinger Celebrates 50th Company Anniversary

Following the early days working from a garage in Ehningen, Germany over the next half century, plastics processor Ensinger was to turn the small business into an international company group. Today, Ensinger is represented with production sites and sales offices in all important economic regions of the world. Joining with employees from home and abroad, long-term customers and suppliers as well as an array of honored guests from the world of politics and business, the family firm celebrated its 50th company anniversary with a ceremony in Boeblingen near Stuttgart. The evening program for 500 guests was preceded by an entertaining address by Dr. Roland Reber and Klaus Ensinger. In dialogue, the two Managing Directors took a look back at the company's history: They described the beginnings during the sixties, when Wilfried Ensinger would regularly put in a night shift after a long and arduous working day testing new methods or manufacturing semi-finished products. The first two home-built production plants were installed in a garage which was hardly long enough to extrude fibre-reinforced plastics into rods.

Today, the markets are hotly contested. Overall, the Management Board takes an optimistic view of the future, with ever closer cooperation between company divisions playing a key role, as well as digitalization and more training and education. "We work together and we treat each other with fairness", emphasized Roland Reber. Klaus Ensinger was also keen to highlight the feeling of community within the company: "It is precisely this spirit which has made us what we are today. Our culture is here to stay, as are our values. We will remain a family firm."

Horst Koehler, Former German President: Success Model of a Family Firm

In his speech, the former German President Dr. Horst Koehler congratulated "all those who have contributed towards this success story." Wilfried Ensinger had succeeded, he went on, to "form an exceptionally skilled workforce", also on an international level. "Innovation, quality focus and team spirit are what have made this company great."

Koehler went on to describe Ensinger as unique and yet typical as a model for a successful medium-sized family firm to whom Germany had good reason to be grateful. The inventiveness and willingness of such medium-sized companies to embrace risk have been "a decisive factor to economic success and social cohesion, as they ensure prosperity and offer training, work and an income to millions of people." The next day saw the second part of the Jubilee celebrations in Rottenburg-Ergenzingen. The biggest employee party ever thrown since the company was founded was attended by over 1,300 guests from around the world. The traditional football tournament kicked off the proceedings. The final game for the "Ensinger Cup" was won by the Ensinger Italia subsidiary against the Nufringen parent factory team.

The Jubilee celebrations continued on into the evening with a cover rock band in a marquee.

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