Energy Transformation Systems, Inc. Expands Marketing to Government Offices

FREMONT, California  – Energy Transformation Systems, the Silicon Valley-based designer and manufacturer of balun transformers, audio and video panels, and related devices, has announced that it has signed an agreement with GovKinex, a Florida-based marketing group, to expand relationships with governmental and military agencies .

Company CEO Trudy Andresen stated that she is especially optimistic about engaging the professional services of the “highly professional and experienced team at GovKinex,” and that she expects to make significant gains in selling ETS products to hundreds of lucrative governmental agencies.

In essence, GovKinex acts as a marketing arm for ETS, facilitating selling ETS products to military and governmental groups, from city to county to state and federal offices, and including United States military installations of all types, from Army, Naval, and Air Force to Coast Guard bases, domestic and foreign.

She added, “There’s an increasing need among the military and various local, state, and federal government offices and agencies like the EPA and the FAA for the types of electronic devices that are the core of our ETS product offering. We have for some time internally discussed capturing more of this complex market, and with our signing the agreement with GovKinex, we have taken the first step in a process that we hope will result in significant sales gains for our company.”

More information is available on the company’s website,

Contact: Joe Rosenberger

VP Marketing Sales   

510-656-2012, 800-752-8208

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