Empire Abrasives Rounds Out Buffing and Polishing Line of Products

Due to increased customer demand, Empire Abrasives has added additional types and sizes of airway buffing wheels, compound bars, and buffing kits.

Islandia, New York -- October 18, 2021 -- Online retailer, Empire Abrasives, has recently expanded their buffing and polishing line of products to offer a full range of airway buffing wheels, buffing and polishing compounds, and buffing kits for commercial and personal use customers.

Primarily an abrasives supplier, Empire Abrasives has had an increasing demand from customers for additional products for the final stages of fabrication operations and DIY customers. Using customer feedback to identify industry trends, Empire Abrasives was able to determine how best to expand these offerings for customers.

Among the new products which were most requested, are 10 inch and 14 inch airway buffing wheels to complement the existing 8 inch airway buffs. Within the airway buffing wheel line, they now include non-woven wheels for satin finishes, blue mill treated wheels to replace the orange variety, and untreated white airway buffing wheels.

The selection of buffing compound bars now includes a gray bar for aggressive buffing of non-ferrous metals, and two new compound bars designed for acrylic and plastic polishing.

Additionally, there are now full buffing and polishing kits to make selecting the correct products easier for customers. These will include complete kits for buffing and polishing aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, or plastics & acrylics with the recommended airway buffing wheels and buffing compound bars.

About Empire Abrasives

Headquartered in Long Island, New York, Empire Abrasives is an industry leading distributor of premium industrial abrasives from around the world. Using an elite team of sourcing experts, Empire Abrasives is able to secure products from some of the world’s top manufacturing facilities. Empire selects suppliers that produce only the highest quality, economically priced abrasives that cater to metalworking professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with top of the line abrasives at exceptional prices through an easy to use online platform.

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