Emissions Breakthrough: 'Into Zero NOx Zone'

Steam Boiler leader, Miura Boiler, set to introduce breakthrough NOx emission technology, in addition to current reductions in CO2, and fuel savings.

NEW YORK, Dec. 5 -- Steam, generated from gas and oil-fired burners, remains a primary source of energy for a wide range of industrial applications including food processing, automotive, and medical product manufacturing. Emissions from these boilers include nitrogen oxide (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2), gases that can result in pollution and contribute to global warming, among other concerns.

Reducing these emissions has been the goal of Miura Boiler, a world leader in process steam boiler technology. The company, which has consistently led in the development of technology that reduces oil and gas consumption, conserves natural resources, and minimizes emissions, recently announced a breakthrough in their effort to achieve near-zero NOx emissions.

"Miura has developed a technology which dramatically reduces the nitrogen oxide (NOx) concentration in the exhaust gas of gas-fired steam boilers to below 1ppm (at O2=0% equivalent) compared to over 30ppm of conventional US boilers," announced company President Yuji Takahashi. "This important advance represents a significant step forward in reducing pollution."

The technology, which will be available on Miura boilers in North America by 2010 represents a major advance in the company's continuing effort to support customer requirements, while maintaining a "green company" philosophy.

Currently, Miura boilers reduce fuel and gas consumption, optimizing fuel use and efficiency (saving customers 20% fuel costs on average when compared to conventional boilers), while reducing CO2 emissions. This is achieved as a result of the company's revolutionary floating header design, which turns water to steam in five minutes (compared to hours by some competitors), and the unique Multiple Installation shutdown feature, which turns boilers on/off as needed. (Guidelines used by conventional fire tube boiler makers recommend that the units remain on at all times to protect against thermal shock. This protects the boilers, but results in an enormous waste of resources, while increasing costs and emissions.)

New advances based on Miura's Near-Zero NOx technology will achieve:

o NOx concentration of 1ppm and below (at continuous operation) can contribute to the improvement of the environment.

o A new combustion control method which makes it possible to reduce heat loss by 20% compared to the current products.

o An environmentally-friendly catalyzer, which does not use chemicals such as urea, ammonia, etc.

In comparison to conventional steam boilers, Miura boilers also save money by reducing physical plant space requirements, and new construction costs, since they produce BHP outputs comparable to much larger units, but with far less water, and a more compact footprint.

Miura's Online Maintenance System ensures trouble-free, reliable performance and their unique "sliding window" feature actually records an event four seconds before it occurs, so it can be diagnosed and corrected faster.

In-Service Efficiency, a measure of overall performance that has been established based on taking all factors of the boilers operation into account, also sets Miura apart from other manufacturers. High In-Service Efficiency is the level of performance every Miura Boiler customer can expect and a standard-of-excellence the company strives to maintain.

Forward-thinking companies in North America have embraced Miura Boiler technology resulting in an accelerated growth in market share. The company is already the market leader in Asian countries.

Advances like near-zero NOx, in addition to current fuel-saving, emission- reducing benefits, will continue to build the company's reputation, and more importantly, provide for the good of our planet.

For more information, visit us online at miuraboiler.com/greentechnology or call Marcomm Group at 1-800-790-2276.

About Miura Boiler: Miura Boiler was founded in 1927 and has grown to be one of the largest industrial steam boiler manufacturers in the world. In 1987, the company began operations in North America. In 2006, Miura Boiler grew their North American market share at a record pace.

Source: Miura Boiler


Alan Lewis of Marcomm Group for Miura Boiler

Web site: http://www.miuraboiler.com/

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