EMG Cleaning Systems will be Participating in the 1st Bioproducts World Showcase and Conference

Biobased materials are helping to drive new business opportunities for a more sustainable economy. New advancements in Biotechnology have resulted in: Going Green is easy and cost effective with Biobased Products. Join us on this International Event.

Miami, FL – EMG will present its EMG System in the 1st Bioproducts World Showcase Conference taking place in Columbus, OH from October 6th - 8th 2014.

The EMG System is the incorporation of our full range of products in your businesses daily activity. The integral idea we propose from EMG is for our clients to benefit daily of the great benefits that our products can offer you in any area or industry.

The System is designed to replace your petroleum based chemicals for Biobased products in order to facilitate the daily cleaning and the maintenance of Grease traps and septic tanks.

The System starts with EMG-Clean (or EMG-Eco Degreaser, depending the industry) to replace your daily cleaning chemicals, EMG-Green for Maintenance and cleaning of Drains, Grease traps and Septic tanks and EMG- H20 for Waste Water Treatment plants.

The EMG System has been designed to facilitate your daily activities due to the incorporation of a range of products that will help reduce the consumption of chemicals and decontaminate your wastewater.

It is one system, with endless possibilities. Please check our website for further details: www.emgexport.com

Pablo Vila

(786) 383-3364


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