EMAG Announces Expansion with the Opening of EMAG Charlotte

Beginning June 1, 2020, EMAG will be expanding its operation in the United States by opening an additional office, EMAG Charlotte, in Charlotte, NC. With this addition, current and prospective customers located in the southeastern portion of the United States will have the ability to meet face to face with sales, applications and service personnel. By providing local support, EMAG will strive to foster the growth that the industry is experiencing throughout the region. EMAG Charlotte will operate as a branch office of EMAG L.L.C., located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, the North American Headquarters for the EMAG Group.

With the growth of EMAG’s competitive Modular Standard machine portfolio, accessibility to new users has grown substantially; the Southeast is one of the fastest growing manufacturing hubs in the United States, driving EMAG’s strategic decision to open EMAG Charlotte. 

The unique configuration of EMAG’s turning machine, allows for the automatic self-loading of workpieces. The inverted, traveling spindle architecture creates an ideal environment for cleanliness, optimum chip flow, and unsurpassed operator access. Coupled with the MINERALIT™ polymer concrete machine base, EMAG offers the best in class solution for tight tolerance production work. According to data from USMTO, EMAG has earned 87% market share for Inverted Vertical Lathes over the past five years in the United States, and the company is hoping that this move will continue to help them expand.

In addition to EMAG’s dominance in the production turning space, EMAG offers a range of technologies catered to similarly sized round parts. These additional technologies include power skiving, laser welding / hardening / cleaning, electro-chemical machining, hobbing, grinding, hard milling, and induction hardening. Linking this vast range of technologies together, allows EMAG’s vision statement to become a reality for its customer base, by providing the best “Manufacturing Systems for Precision Metal Components.” 

About EMAG:
The EMAG Group covers the entire spectrum of machining processes in the metalworking industry. Whether for chucked components or shafts, the companies under the EMAG umbrella offer the latest technological advances to optimize a manufacturing solution for every customer’s requirement. EMAG is a trendsetter in the field of vertical turning and multi-functional production machines with a variety of technology centers allowing EMAG to become an important partner in the realization of manufacturing solutions for the production of transmission, engine and chassis workpieces, as well as for OCTG parts and exotic materials used in the aerospace industry. The leader in inverted vertical pick-up lathes, EMAG has integrated its pick-up principle into a wide array of technology-specific machines offering world-class manufacturing with a minimal footprint, short chip-to-chip times and top quality.

The family owned, German based, machine tool company is an important partner for a variety of customers, from those that require a single machine solution to companies looking for complete turnkey manufacturing systems. With multiple offices across the globe, EMAG provides their customers with the unique ability to be wherever they are. Their US representation is located in Metro-Detroit.

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