Elsner Engineering Works, Inc. Announces Dual Position Quick-Change Unwind for Elsner Model AFR-Series

In response to customer feedback and with a sustainable effort toward providing increased efficiency on their equipment, Elsner Engineering Works, Inc. has recently introduced a newly designed and manufactured dual-position turret unwind feature for its ELSNER Model AFR-series Fully Automatic Rewinders for the food film industry. This feature allows the machine operator to prepare an auxiliary master roll of material while the primary roll is still being converted. As a master roll depletes, the machine comes to a stop and awaits the push of a button by the operator. Upon signal, the unwind turret indexes the prepared roll over the web of the depleting roll. The operator cuts or tears the web from the indexed depleting roll and signals the machine to resume production. This process eliminates the need to re-web the machine each time a mill roll expires and reduces mill roll changeover time dramatically.

Jay Roth, Regional Sales Manager states: "We are really excited about this new feature on our already successful product line. We have seen mill roll change over times reduced from several minutes to less than ½ minute. Our customers are very happy with this efficient and easy-to-operate set-up."

To improve the ergonomics of the system, the machine can also be equipped with an off-the-floor lifting mechanism. With this unit, a master roll is placed onto a roller bed mounted to a hydraulic lift platform. The foot pedal operated lift raises the master roll to a level at which it can be easily slid onto the cantilevered unwind shaft. This reduces strain on the operator and eliminates the need for overhead lifting devices.

The Elsner Model AFR series of machines is designed to produce household rolled products such as food film, baking papers and aluminum foil all on the same machine. The AFR is capable of speeds up to 3000 feet per minute (915 meters per minute) or 48 rolls per minute. Its ease of operation and maintenance make it a popular choice by industry leaders. Other available machine features include all-over embossing, glue or tape roll closure, 'tail finder' for film products and integration with downstream packaging equipment.

Founded in 1934, Elsner Engineering Works, Inc. designs and manufactures converting and packaging machinery. Elsner recently celebrated its 75th anniversary as a family owned and operated business in 2009. The firm currently services and supports over 2400 machines worldwide with equipment in service in nearly 60 countries. Besides
its headquarters in Hanover, Pennsylvania, Elsner has a sales office in Bremen, Germany and offers field support from sites in the United Kingdom and China.


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