Electronic Padlocks Control and Track Access to Physical Assets

Padlocks that Provide Valuable Feedback!

CORVALLIS, OREGON, June 28, 2010-Videx has incorporated its CyberLock technology into a full line of intelligent padlocks. CyberLock padlocks not only provide full-featured electronic access control but they deliver valuable electronic feedback to management when security issues arise. These electronic padlocks are ideal for applications where controlled access and the ability to track lock openings are needed.

The electronic padlock system consists of the CyberLock padlock that has no keyway to vandalize, a programmable electronic key that cannot be duplicated, and software for managing the system. Each authorized employee's key can be programmed with the specific access permissions they need to do their job: what locks they may open, and when they may open them.

Each time the key opens a padlock, a record is stored in both the lock and the key. This audit reporting of lock openings and exceptions such as attempts to enter can be especially valuable to management when security issues arise. A key can be set to automatically expire within minutes, hours, days, months, even shift-by-shift, depending on the specific task that has been assigned to the user. A missing key can be quickly blocked from opening locks.

CyberLock padlocks are ideal for outdoor applications such as securing equipment and gated areas at isolated sites. In addition to padlocks, CyberLock electronic cylinders can be installed in the lock hardware on safes, server cabinets, and doors throughout entire facilities.

About Videx

CyberLock products are manufactured in the U.S.A. and are shipped worldwide from Videx headquarters located in Corvallis, Oregon. For more information about CyberLock padlocks, please contact Videx by phone at (541) 738-5500, by fax at (541) 738-5501, by email at sales@videx.com, or visit our web site at: www.videx.com.

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