Electronic Hardware Announces Capabilities Expansion!

Farmingdale, NY; May 7, 2007... Electronic Hardware Corporation, the knob manufacturer with the world's largest selection of knobs, now offers the same low cost benefits for custom manufacturing. Included now are capabilities in Light Assembly, Secondaries, Injection Molding, Stamping, CNC machining and Die Casting...which can be prefaced with Concept Development support from our Engineering Team.

Our current portfolio includes housings for electronic medical devices, parts and assemblies for sophisticated military communications, die cast housings, CNC machining of small tight -tolerance parts, custom manufacturing and manufacturing and assembly of custom clamping devices, all led by superior project management teams from concept to delivery...and initiated with quick turnaround/low-cost tooling.

Get the benefits available to you today from all our manufacturing resources! Lower your costs, reduce your vendor base and improve your in-process cycle turnaround time! Call us today to find out how we can support you in all these areas with the net effect of reducing your costs and inventory levels and be sure to check out our website at: www.ehcknobs.com.

Electronic Hardware Corporation, ISO 9001:2000 certified, is the knob manufacturer with the Worlds Largest Selection of Knobs. Leading with Global Manufacturing and Innovative Design for over 45 years, EHC manufactures and Distributes Thermoset, Thermoplastic, Transilluminated (Night Vision Goggle Compatible), Cast, Machined Aluminum and Soft Touch Knobs; Adjustable Ratchets, Leveling Feet, Plungers.

EHC provides Design Assistance from our Skilled Engineering Team, and also manufactures Industrial Components, Small Assemblies, Custom Stampings, Custom CNC, and Custom Injection Molded Parts. From small electronics to heavy industrial equipment EHC supplies knobs to a vast array of markets, including Military, Instrument, Cast, Consumer Push On, Control, Machined Aluminum Knobs, Clamp and Ball Knobs to industrial, Military and Commercial industries including Medical Mobility, Lawn Care, Exercise, Lighting, Scaffolding, Laboratory, Material Handling, Packaging, Hospital Food Service Equipment.

Electronic Hardware Corporation engineers and designs Round Knobs, Fluted Knobs, Dial Knobs, Pointer Knobs, Bar Knobs, Button and Slider Knobs, 3000 Knobs, Back Lighted Knobs, Crank Handles, Hand Wheels, Indexed Clamping Handles, Clamping Knobs, Industrial Knobs, Bridge Handles, and Industrial Hardware.

EHC manufactures and distributes knobs, pointers, and dials NSN's in Federal Supply Class (FSC) 5355). Let EHC do for you what we do for all our other customers worldwide. As a first step, visit our web site at www.ehcknobs.com, or email us for more information: sales@ehcknobs.com.

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