ElectricSolenoidValves.com Adds 3D CAD Database of Valves to Website

The newly integrated library of 3D CAD files is now available on ElectricSolenoidValves.com.

ElectricSolenoidValves.com (ESV), has just released the live version of their fully interactive 3D CAD library. The electric valve CAD database can now be accessed to search for and download any of their CAD files for free.

With this new application, engineers can save a considerable amount of time when designing new projects or updating existing ones. The files are available in 150 of the most used formats to work with the majority of CAD softwares. Any of these CAD files can be downloaded on demand 24/7 without needing to spend time calling or emailing the company for each request.

ElectricSolenoidValves.com aims to create a streamlined process for their customers from design to delivery of product. Each CAD file has the full product specifications of each valve embedded in the metadata, including SKU numbers to make ordering as simple as forwarding the file to your purchasing department.

All of ESV’s top selling products are available to download CAD files for including their plastic, stainless steel, and brass solenoid valves as well as their motorized ball valves and three way valves.

About ElectricSolenoidValves.com

Electricsolenoidvalves.com is located just outside New York City. With over 20 years of expertise as a distributor of plumbing and automation products, ESV has the experience to assist customers with all of their needs. Recognizing the need for competitively priced, high quality Solenoid Valves, Electricsolenoidvalves.com has grown to be one of the largest retailers in the Solenoid Valve marketplace. From day one ESV has been dedicated to providing superiority to each and every customer.

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