Electric Actuators Replace Fluid Power Alternatives for off-Highway Vehicles

Slinfold, UK - As an authorised distributor for Thomson, Heason Technology is increasingly specifying and supplying the linear drive and guidance systems manufacturer's Electrak Pro range of high performance electric actuators to replace traditional hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders used in off-highway construction, agricultural and recreational machinery.

Electric linear actuation offers a number of benefits over fluid power alternatives including simpler installation, more compact size, easier control, lower energy costs, higher positional accuracy, less maintenance, less noise and a cleaner, healthier environment. With its robust and corrosion resistant design, stroke length to 300 mm and dynamic load rating of up to 4500N, the Elektrak Pro series is particularly suited where dust, dirt, and water is abundant. A wide range of standard features and options - including dynamic braking, precise speed control, signal follower input and IP67 environmental protection - are available to competitively enhance and improve off-highway vehicle performance.

Application opportunities for the ElectrakPro range include making tasks like raising and lifting easier, automating operations such as wrapping or feeding, providing remote control of covers, doors or guards, and for many other areas. A detailed resource brochure entitled 'Linear Actuators for On/Off Highway Vehicles' with 3D illustrations showing application examples is available on request from Heason Technology.

Through Heason Technology's close working relationship and authorised distributor status with Thomson, application customised versions of the Electrak Pro series can be supplied or stock delivery of standard products made available on short delivery times. Heason Technology's own in-house design capability matches products from its distribution partners to provide customised motion control and automated positioning systems solutions for challenging applications across, aerospace, automotive, defence, robotics, process control, packaging, motorsports and many more.

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