Ejectors, Punches And Core Pins Web Site Features Solidworks' 3D Partstream.Net Capabilities

A new Web site that lets users select, configure, view, and download 3D models of ejectors, punches, and core pins for the tool, die, and mold-making industries directly into their own designs is being introduced by Royal Diversified Products, Inc. of Warren, Rhode Island.

The Royal Web Site features 3D PartStream.NET and over 20,000 standard parts and 3D drawings of form-ground pins, punches, and perforators, bevel headed punches, ejector pins, core pins, and ejector sleeves; including prices. Simplifying the job of design engineers, it allows searches using several criteria, lets them select and configure parts, view 3D models and 2D drawings, and download and insert them right into their own CAD systems.

Eliminating unnecessary data conversion costs and delays, the Royal Web site with 3D PartStream.NET lets the user "design in" parts they select. Because complete specifications and pricing are included, design engineers can select and integrate parts into their own products instantly.

The Royal Web site with 3D PartStream.NET is www.royalpins.com .

For more information contact:

Royal Diversified Products, Inc.
Tony Carbone, Sales Manager
287 Market St.
Warren, RI 02885
(800) 556-7916 FAX (401) 247-2231
e-mail: tcarbone@royalpins.com

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