Econolite Group Formalizes Green Policy

Policy reflects commitment to ongoing Operational Excellence and Corporate sustainability strategies

Anaheim, Calif., June 23, 2011-Econolite Group, Inc., today announced it has formalized and adopted a Green Policy as part of the company's long-term Operational Excellence and corporate sustainability strategies. The adoption of the Green Policy requires the company to continue fostering its culture of business practices that meet or exceed evolving environmental laws and regulations.

"The Green Policy represents tremendous team work that helps ensure the overall health of our industry and communities that we serve, all of which in turn strengthens Econolite Group's business position going forward," said Econolite Vice President of Human Resources Sue Burns. "As standards for environmental regulations continue to increase, it's important that we formalized this policy to maintain a leadership role in protecting our natural resources. This is a policy that our employees, customers and suppliers can be proud of."

Creating and implementing the Green Policy involves a continuous process improvement approach to the Company's entire business operations to reduce consumption and waste generation, as well as promote increased recycling. As a result, the Green Policy complements and further strengthens Econolite Group's Operational Excellence strategy. "Conducting business with the highest standards, while supporting the value chain has long been and continues to be a fundamental part of our culture," said Chief Operational Excellence Officer David Kohl. "As a leader in the transportation industry, environmental responsibility is a priority, and we support and promote all initiatives that target sustainability."

The Econolite Group Green Policy was developed through a collaborative process and spearheaded by a team of Econolite employees - The Green Team. In addition to outlining principles that promotes environmental responsibility and recycling, the Green Policy also addresses business practices that reduces emissions and improves air quality. Including:

o Econolite Group advocates the use of electronic communications and digital processes to reduce paper consumption

o The Company will work with customers and suppliers in choosing environmentally friendly supplies, components and raw materials whenever practical and appropriate

o Econolite Group will strive to eliminate the use of hazardous materials, and design products using RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant materials, helping to maintain a healthy workplace and environment

About Econolite Group, Inc.

Econolite Group, Inc. (EGI) was formed as the umbrella organization to a group of privately held companies that serve the traffic management, aerospace, medical, and broadcasting industries. The EGI companies include Econolite Control Products, Inc./Econolite Canada, Inc. (Econolite), Safetran Traffic Systems, Inc. (Safetran), California Chassis, Aegis ITS, and Team Econolite.

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