Eastern Systems Management Provides Cloud Computing Service

Eastern Systems Management in Lancaster, Pa provides Cloud computing (software hosting) to small to mid-sized customers throughout the world.

By providing hosted services (ESMI Hosted Services) to manufacturers offering Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) applications, customers will create a visible revenue steam or ROI within 5 years. Our IT offerings include Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions(TM) integrated with either Fishbowl Inventory(TM), TrueCommerce EDI(TM), and/or ESMI's proprietary manufacturing application ES Manufacturing(TM).

We enable small to mid-sized manufacturers who have $10-100 million in sales revenue to achieve economies of scale and savings. This is accomplished by providing a range of real time high performance and high capacity applications- cloud computing- via the internet. These solutions help provide IT applications that allow our customers to reduce their costs and mitigate their risks, freeing critical resources to focus on their operations.

We provide continuous support and maintenance, control of computing expenses, 24/7/365 support for hardware and software and Systems engineering. We provide a virtual IT staff from discovery to implementations solutions to training and maintenance.

For more information contact us esmi@eastern-systems.com, 717-391-9700, or visit our website www.eastern-systems.com

Cloud computing

From Wikipedia

Cloud computing is a style of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet.[1][2] Users need not have knowledge of, expertise in, or control over the technology infrastructure in the "cloud" that supports them.

The concept generally incorporates combinations of the following:

o infrastructure as a service

o platform as a service

o software as a service

o Other recent (ca. 2007-09) technologies that rely on the Internet to satisfy the computing needs of users. Cloud computing services often provide common business applications online that are accessed from a web browser, while the software and data are stored on the servers.

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