Eastern Bearings Inc., Rebrands to Eastern Industrial Automation, Overhauls Linear Motion Control Offerings

Despite a challenging economy, there is still the opportunity to thrive for a few key industries. For many industries, progress would be impossible without movement. As representatives at Eastern Industrial Automation (Easternia.com) explain, providing industrial automation and linear motion products to a worldwide market has helped the Waltham, MA based company thrive.

Founded in 1963 by Richard Gorsey, Eastern Industrial Automation (E.I.A) began by delivering mechanical components to textile mills, some of the earliest innovators when it came to motion in an industrial context.

Today, company Principal, Geoff Filker explains, "We've grown a lot over the years - and our rebranding reflects that. At the same time it helps us better communicate who we are and what we do to worldwide customers needing parts and products for linear motion control systems."

According to Tucci, E.I.A has continually expanded on its capability to "provide a wider range of solutions for our customers in a number of industries, from OEM's and manufacturers to the medical and defense industries." These products include vital linear motion control components such as linear actuators, linear shafting, linear slide tables, ball screws, linear bearings and many others. With industry in general, motion is a constant and Tucci is confident that E.I.A can help provide it. He explains, "We continuously overhaul what we're capable of delivering when it comes to linear motion products, because everyone needs something different."

As multiple E.I.A. representatives have explained, with effective rebranding, a newly optimized website (easternia.com), and a continued focus on being a comprehensive source for linear motion components, "Eastern Industrial Automation is more prepared than ever to be a leading source for linear motion control systems, in 2012 and beyond.

About Eastern Industrial Automation

Formerly Eastern Bearings Inc., Eastern Industrial Automation is a worldwide provider of service, sales, and support for linear motion control systems used by industries everywhere. For more information, visit www.easternia.com/linear-motion-control or call 781-899-3952.

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