E-firstaidsupplies.com Introduces Survival Kits for Natural Disaster Victims

E-firstaidsupplies.com has introduced a new line of first aid kits for disaster preparedness. These kits help families be more prepared for the worst and provide peace of mind that they can survive until help can arrive.

Disasters happen many times a year and sometimes on a small scale and sometimes they can be devastating to a whole community. Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Sandy and more recently with the mudslides in Oso, Washington entire communities were destroyed creating havoc for many people, even those not directly affected. First responders were occupied with the most pressing injuries and could not provide food, water or shelter right away to other citizens. Citizens had to be responsible for their own well being until the most serious rescue efforts were over and everyone could be helped. If they did not have emergency provisions stored, it was much more difficult to come by good food and water. Emergency preparedness has become more popular in the wake of these recent natural disasters and more people are focused on being ready to handle an emergency on their own. People have realized that they may not receive the aid that they need very quickly in a large scale disaster and that they may need to cope on their own until help can arrive.

FEMA recommends keeping food and water on hand to sustain your family for a few days as well as a few other essentials such as flashlights, duct tape and plastic sheeting that can be used to repair a window or seal off a doorway. While this is especially important in areas where natural disasters such as hurricanes or tornados are common, everyone around the country can benefit from being a little bit more prepared.

E-firstaidsupplies.com has introduced new disaster preparedness kits focused on helping individuals, families and companies to be more prepared for any kind of disaster that can strike. The kits come in different sizes for individuals or families and contain water and food as well as first aid and safety supplies. “We have gotten more and more people asking for custom kits to prepare for disasters so we created these kits based upon guidelines from FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security as well as input from customers and professionals” Said Mark Fishell, Sales and Product Manager for E-firstaidsupplies.com. “These kits are designed to provide peace of mind to families, because they know that they are prepared for any sort of disaster” Says Fishell “We are glad we can make a product that could make such a difference in someone’s life if disaster strikes”.

E-firstaidsupplies.com is an e-commerce retailer that focuses on first aid kits and supplies, but has been expanding their product offering to offer other products that can help to keep consumers safe and happy. They are based in Rochester, NY and are a division of Fieldtex Products, Inc.

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Fieldtex Products Inc. was founded in Rochester, NY in 1973. Over the past 40 years, Fieldtex has continuously grown and evolved into the strong company that it is today. “At Fieldtex, we are continually improving our level of service to our customers,” said Sanford Abbey, President and Owner of Fieldtex Products, Inc. And their hard work and success hasn't gone unnoticed- in 2010 they were named one of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in America by Inc. Magazine! Fieldtex Cases produces soft sided carrying cases to house portable electronic equipment for medical and military markets while Fieldtex Medical is a supplier of first-aid and medical supplies.

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