Dynamic Real Time Rating Technology Advances Blue Coat WebFilter in Fight Against Constantly Changing, Offensive Internet Content

'On-the-Fly' URL categorization enables schools and other institutions to meet stringent legal requirements and provide highest levels of protection

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Dec. 12 - Blue Coat® Systems (NASDAQ:BCSI), the leading provider of proxy appliances, today announced the availability of Dynamic Real Time Rating (DRTR(TM)) capabilities in its WebFilter URL filtering system for ProxySG(TM) proxy appliances. The new DRTR feature is based on patented technology that can "on the fly" categorize new, unfamiliar Websites as they are being requested and then block or allow access according to the rating DRTR assigns and in accordance with the organization's or user's policies. The unique DRTR capability is especially important for schools and institutions that require the highest levels of protection from undesirable Web content and need to ensure compliance with federal, state and other legal requirements.

There are a growing number of regulatory mandates schools need to meet in preventing student access to objectionable Internet content. The Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) is one specific Federal measure that requires schools to adopt effective procedures to prevent students from accessing objectionable content via school computers. Failure to comply with these regulations can jeopardize Federal funding for school districts.

"Since the Internet changes so quickly and new sites are constantly appearing, it is vital to have a Web filtering solution with dynamic, real-time capabilities to ensure the highest levels of protection," said Michael Dean, engineer for Information Technology Security for the Palm Beach County School District. "With my previous URL filtering solution, the database would constantly lag behind and could not keep up with the barrage of new and constantly changing Websites with offensive material. Blue Coat's introduction of DRTR on its WebFilter solution provides the real-time protection and performance we require for our leading-edge facilities and programs incorporating the latest Internet applications and content."

"DRTR advances the strong lead Blue Coat has for the accuracy, performance and versatility of our WebFilter database on our ProxySG appliances," said Steve Mullaney, vice president of marketing at Blue Coat. "The ability to instantly categorize new Web sites is an essential requirement for school districts to comply with Federal and state regulations for protecting children and others from the 'dark side' of the Web. DRTR is the only defense on the market that can effectively protect against the ever-changing, chameleon-like nature of the Web."

DRTR, which is available immediately, is now built in the current version of Blue Coat WebFilter for ProxySG appliances. The function can be switched between "active mode," "passive mode" or disabled depending on organizational need. There is no additional charge for the capability. Blue Coat does not charge extra for WebFilter options or segment its database for different pricing levels. DRTR capabilities are especially important for schools but attractive to any institution seeking the highest levels of protection with Web filtering.

The Power of the Proxy

The use of URL filtering databases on proxy appliances is growing rapidly among enterprises and institutions seeking performance advantages and granularity of control. The ProxySG appliance can accelerate Web content filtering performance by as much as ten times over server-based solutions. Rather than simply allowing or denying URL requests, the ProxySG appliance can enforce more complex criteria, such as allowing a Web page but denying certain types of graphics, streaming media or animations. The system can also uniquely strip and replace active content and filter MIME and file types.

The ProxySG system is a specialized, dedicated appliance that goes far beyond general purpose servers in its ability to function as a control point for policy, performance, and protection for Web communications throughout the distributed enterprise. For example, the same ProxySG appliance that provides Web filtering also delivers spyware protection, instant messaging controls, bandwidth optimization, P2P file sharing controls, and other proxy services.

Blue Coat's proxy appliances have the ability to strike the optimal balance between user empowerment and IT control. Because a proxy terminates application protocols, it has the comprehensive understanding of the user-to-application interaction and its context. As a result, proxy appliances provide IT with the power to define, enforce and audit intelligent policy controls over user/application interactions. By distributing proxy appliances at key points in an infrastructure -- the data center, the gateway and regional/branch locations -- institutions can create robust system architecture to protect, control and accelerate Web communications.

About Blue Coat Systems

Blue Coat helps organizations make the Web safe and productive for business. Blue Coat proxy appliances provide visibility and control of Web communications to protect against risks from spyware, Web viruses, inappropriate Web surfing, instant messaging (IM), video streaming, and peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing -- while actually improving Web performance. Trusted by many of the world's largest organizations, Blue Coat has shipped more than 25,000 proxy appliances. Blue Coat is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and can be reached at 408-220-2200 or www.bluecoat.com.

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