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DynaLock Corp. is Pleased to Announce the Launch of a 3rd Generation, Redesigned 3101 Series Delayed Egress Lock - The 3101C Series

Press release date: Jul 15, 2014

DynaLock Corp. is pleased to announce the launch of a 3rd Generation, redesigned 3101 Series Delayed Egress Lock – The 3101C Series.

Hallmarks of the 3101C design include a complete electronics update, incorporating the following significant enhancements:

• 12/24 VAC/VDC auto-detect power input.
• Up to 49% reduced current draw.
• Advanced residual magnetism mitigation circuitry.
• Full, backward-compatibility of circuit board with all legacy lock/egress sensor variations*.
• Field-programmable firmware, via on-board USB interface (Legacy product currently requires hardware re-purchase, to modify firmware, to address special code/sequencing requirements).

The 3101C is mechanically-identical to the current 3101B Series Delayed Egress Lock. Mounting procedures and templating remain unchanged, to facilitate retrofits of existing 3101B Locks. As the 3101C's terminal layout is identical to the 3101B Series, wiring procedures will also be transparent to experienced 3101B field technicians.