Dymax Publishes New Medical White Paper that Helps Medical Device Manufacturers Ensure Zero Bond Failure

Torrington, Connecticut – October 31, 2017 - Dymax Corporation recently published a new white paper that outlines challenges facing medical device manufacturers using hard-to-bond substrates and identifies how to overcome them.

Written by Michelle Gumbert and Patrick Vaugh “Ensuring Adhesion on Medical Devices Made with Hard-to-Bond Plastic Substrates” white paper discusses how to overcome problems with adhesion of popular substrates in the medical device design like COC and PEBA. This white paper was developed to help medical device manufacturers understand why bonds typically fail and how to design a process that will ensure a lasting bond leading to zero-failure.

Gumbert and Vaughn explore joint design considerations, the effect of sterilization methods, why bonds may fail, how to find the right adhesive technology, and how to inspect part to ensure that full cure has been achieved. A full copy of the white paper can be downloaded though this link: https://dymax.com/resources/white-papers.

Dymax Corporation develops innovative oligomer, adhesive, coating, dispensing, and light-curing systems for applications in a wide range of markets. The company’s products are perfectly matched to work seamlessly with each other, providing design engineers with tools to dramatically improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce costs. Major markets include aerospace, appliance, automotive, electronics, industrial, medical device, and metal finishing.

For additional information, visit www.dymax.com or contact Dymax Application Engineering at info@dymax.com or 860-482-1010.

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