DVD Package helps design, construct, and improve tooling.

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In effort to offer comprehensive educational materials to technical schools, students, trainers, and larger manufacturing community, SME announced release of 9-DVD package based on "Fundamentals of Tool Design, 5th Edition" textbook. DVDs include Tool Materials, Cutting Tool Design, Fixture Design, Progressive Die Design, Gaging and Inspection Tool Design, Computer-Aided Design, Rapid Tooling Design, Composite Tooling Design, and Troubleshooting Tool and Die Making.

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Everything You Need to Design, Construct and Improve Your Tooling

New DVD Package Offers an Affordable Way to Enhance Your Toolmaking Skills

DEARBORN, Mich., April 16, 2009 - In its efforts to offer comprehensive educational materials to technical schools, students, trainers and the larger manufacturing community, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) announced the release of a nine-DVD package based on the popular "Fundamentals of Tool Design, 5th Edition" textbook.

"We've developed this package with the manufacturing educator and practitioner in mind," said Mark C. Tomlinson, executive director & general manager of SME. "It covers everything you need to supplement your training and be even more viable in today's tough job market. These DVDs provide an excellent overview of design technologies and best practices. Along with the 'Fundamentals' textbook, we also developed free downloadable study guides and quizzes to reinforce your understanding of the content. They're made so you can learn at your own pace."

A number of renowned industry experts, such as Todd Grimm of T.A. Grimm & Associates Inc., Louis C. Dorworth of Abaris Training Resources Inc., John MacArthur of DASI Solutions LLC and Richard Leed of Leed Steel, lent their knowledge and expertise to develop several releases within the DVD package.

The package consists of a free "Fundamentals of Tool Design" textbook, now in its 5th edition, as well as nine DVDs, which are now available for preview on SME's storefront and YouTube:

"Tool Materials" provides a comprehensive examination of materials within three principal tool groups: ferrous metals, nonferrous metals and nonmetallic materials.

"Cutting Tool Design" explores single-point and multipoint cutting tool geometries as well as the machining variables that affect the design of cutting tools.

"Fixture Design" examines both standard and custom fixtures and the many variables that influence a fixture's design, such as tooling accuracy and the cost-to-benefit ratio.

"Progressive Die Design" details the design variables used in part/strip development that contribute to part quality, progressive die tool maintenance, tool life and tool cost.

"Gaging and Inspection Tool Design" examines the variety of gaging tools used to determine if parts fall within their specified tolerance range. Also examined are the various types of tools and systems used to amplify or magnify dimensions for measurement.

"Computer-Aided Design" highlights the tools and techniques employed to design in two-dimensional CAD, three-dimensional modeling, 3-D assembly design and CAD analysis environments.

"Rapid Tooling Design" delves into the development and application of various direct and indirect rapid tooling technologies used to create injection molds.

"Composite Tooling Design" covers the wide variety of materials used to create composite tooling, such as glass-reinforced polyester or vinyl-ester laminated tooling, carbon or glass-fiber-reinforced epoxy or bismaleimide laminated tooling, Invar, Invar-coated carbon-fiber-reinforced tooling and steel.

"Troubleshooting Tool and Die Making" focuses on the many issues that may arise in the tool and die making process, explaining possible causes and providing suggestions to troubleshoot problems. The ultimate goal being to optimize your tooling investment by balancing tooling costs against the expected return on investment.

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To purchase the "Fundamentals of Tool Design" package, which includes all nine DVDs and a free copy of the "Fundamentals of Tool Design, 5th Edition" book, visit www.sme.org/FTD or call 800.733.4763. Use Priority Code: 09PU23 when placing your order. Save 20 percent off your package order before June 30, 2009 ($799/Members: $699). DVDs are also sold individually ($110/Members: $99).

Note to Media: To request a review copy of one of the DVDs, please e-mail publications@sme.org.

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