Dual-Mount Weather Station Used by Oregon Hazmat Team

Gresham Fire and Emergency Services, Oregon's Region 3 Hazmat Team, utilizes a unique dual-mount option from Columbia Weather Systems. Their weather station can be used for both vehicle-mount and portable weather station configurations.

On a dual-mount weather monitoring system, mounting hardware is installed permanently on a vehicle and the portable mounting system is stowed. The portable installation includes a tripod mast as well as a weatherproof enclosure with battery pack and transceivers.

Weather sensors are easily mounted to either mast depending on the situation. Quick-cable connectors provide sensitive electronic wiring with maximum protection from harsh environmental elements as well as easy installation of the weather station sensor array.

Weather monitoring options include touchscreen Weather Display Console and WeatherMaster Software with automatic interface to CAMEO/ALOHA.

Dual-mount options are available for all CWS models. Magellan is recommended with its rugged metal, all-in-one sensor module with internal compass. Orion offers rainfall, but lacks the automatic compass. (Wind direction is quickly aligned to North with a manually entered offset.) Capricorn 2000EX modular sensor array with mechanical wind sensors offers rainfall as well as other optional sensors.

Columbia Weather Systems manufactures weather stations for public safety and industrial applications in the USA.

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