DSTI Joins Subsidiary SRS and GreenBroz to Fight PPE Shortage

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - June 11, 2020 - Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, DSTI along with their New York subsidiary Scott Rotary Seals (SRS) partner with GreenBroz, Inc. in response to the current need for personal protective equipment (PPE).

When the Nevada-based manufacturer GreenBroz heard concerns from first responders and healthcare workers they immediately adapted their day-to-day production efforts to develop a fully-automated and portable system capable of removing pathogens from used PPE; including fabric coveralls, masks and gowns.

The IGTCAN PPE Remediator system features a surgical-grade stainless steel construction and an EPA-registered and FDA-approved product called Gard'n Clean, a 99.9% ultra-pure chlorine dioxide (ClO₂) sterilant to cleanse the PPE.

"It's basically like a washing machine," said Cullen Raichart, CEO, GreenBroz (qtd. in Lane). "It's a tumbling drum that is sealed, and we put chlorine dioxide into the drum at high concentrations. Chlorine dioxide has the unique ability of feeding into all the cracks and crevices of ... anything that's porous."

SRS provided the rotary union required for the prototype allowing pressurized ClO₂ to be pumped from the storage tanks into the rotating chamber.

The prototype system is currently seeking FDA Fast Track approval.

In preparation for GreenBroz's production delivery requirements, DSTI and SRS are now teaming up to develop rapid response plans to utilize both manufacturing facilities to deliver fully assembled rotary unions ready for direct integration into the PPE remediator systems.

"DSTI is proud to join forces with SRS in an effort to help fight our nation's PPE shortage," said DSTI sales engineer Jeremy Weigel.

"Our close relationship provides an opportunity to leverage resources and production capabilities to meet customer demand — especially for urgent and essential projects like GreenBroz, as well as others in defense, medical, food and beverage, construction and industrial automation markets," said Weigel.

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Image Credits: U.S. Air Force, Master Sgt. Jeffrey Allen; GreenBroz, Inc.

GreenBroz, Inc. is a Nevada-based equipment manufacturer that provides automated harvesting solutions to the legal cannabis industry. For more information, please visit greenbroz.com.


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