Dresser Masoneilan SVI II AP Double Acting Valve Positioner Delivers Record Accuracy on a Large Scale

Joint Venture Achieves .3 Percent Precision on a 56 Inch Ball Valve in CNG Application

HOUSTON, TX (March 2, 2009) - Dresser Masoneilan, an international leader in the design, manufacture and support of process control valves and solutions, along with joint venture partner DS Control Technologies in Novgorod, Russia, demonstrated a new benchmark in large valve positioner accuracy. Proving the Dresser Masoneilan Smart Valve Interface II Advanced Performance (SVI® II AP) positioner's robust capabilities and versatile configurability, it controls a massive 56 X 36 X 56 inch, ANSI 150 measurement AST ball valve. The valve is the largest in a natural gas compression (CNG) station designed by contractor Kukdumalakgaz in Uzbekistan, Central Asia.

The double acting positioner delivers a .3 percent valve control accuracy rate, a rate above the average of 1 to 3 percent for this type of application. "The scale of this project demonstrates the SVI II AP positioner's accuracy and precision in virtually any pneumatically-actuated application," Sandro Esposito, product marketing manager for Dresser Masoneilan Digital Projects states.

The exceptional accuracy can be attributed to the SVI II AP positioner's unique tuning parameters. It offers the flexibility and precision of nine criteria as opposed to competitor products that base tuning on fewer measurements.

"The built-in self calibration and self tuning functionality also made installation and setup a breeze," Esposito adds. The SVI II AP positioner integrated easily with the AST valve configuration that includes a Servovalve Engineering actuator and two volume boosters. Working closely with DC Control Technologies, the Dresser Masoneilan team in Italy combined the positioner's auto-tuning capabilities with engineering expertise to ensure a seamless fit in the application.

"This level of accuracy makes it possible for our customer to improve control performance and achieve greater plant efficiency," shares Roman Gorodnev, CIS product specialist, Digital Instruments, for DC Control. "This ultimately translates to monetary value in operation savings and greater product output."

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