Dresser Masoneilan Camflex® II Valve Helps Customers Comply with Environmental Regulations

Innovative Design and Emission Free (EF(TM)) Seal Reduce Emissions

HOUSTON, TX (April 6th, 2009) - Dresser Masoneilan®, an international leader in the design, manufacture and support of process control valves and solutions, helps customers meet strict environmental emissions standards with the Camflex II rotary globe valve. Featuring a specially-developed Emissions Free (EF) Seal and many other innovative design characteristics, the Camflex II valve reduces equipment emissions that can occur at the valve shaft sealing, or packing, particularly after long-term operation.

"Emissions compliance is a critical issue for many companies that use control valves in their facilities," explains John De Veau, Global Product Manager for rotary products. "Fortunately, environmental responsibility does not have to be complex or expensive. It can be as simple as employing high quality products that are engineered to comply with regulations."

In control valve construction, a delicate balance must be maintained between a tight seal that prevents potentially hazardous emissions and excessive friction between the seal and the valve stem. High friction can affect a valve's ability to provide the desired control accuracy which can pose a costly hazard. It can also wear the packing material over time causing leakage and increasing maintenance costs and down-time.

Standard on most Dresser Masoneilan rotary valves, including the Camflex II rotary globe valve, the Dresser Masoneilan EF Seal® is efficiently engineered with few components for ideal sealing functionality. It combines a double O-ring sealed packing follower with low-friction tetrafluoroethylene (TFE)-based packing materials for reliable, long-term service that complies with low-emissions standards.

Additionally, the small-range rotary motion of the Camflex II valve shaft provides many benefits such as preventing contaminants from entering the packing system and causing damage. By rotating in one place, the motion also protects the stem from atmospheric exposure that can accelerate corrosion. The result is a reduction in packing wear to help avoid emissions.

Another standard feature of the Camflex II valve is an integrated extension bonnet that enables the standard TFE packing material to withstand its full temperature range - up to 750°F (400°C). This prevents additional shaft friction caused by graphite-based materials and helps maintain the superior control and regulatory compliance characteristics of the Camflex II valve.

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The Dresser Masoneilan Camflex II rotary globe valve with the SVI II positioner includes features that help companies comply with emissions regulations.

The Emissions Free (EF) Seal on Dresser Masoneilan valves reduces friction for reliable, long-term service in compliance with low-emissions standards.

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