Draw Batch Oven Tempers Railcar Parts

May 23, 2007

Wisconsin Oven designed and manufactured an Electrically Heated Standard Draw Batch Series oven for tempering railcar parts and one Traveling Loader which utilized a pusher/extractor mechanism for loading & unloading parts on alloy trays. The equipment was rated for a 3,600 pound gross load and designed to accept a 3' wide x 2'6" high x 4' long customer supplied basket. The oven was rated for a maximum operating temperature of 1,250°F.

The oven was constructed with 6" of insulation (2" of n-block and 4" of 6# batt style); the outer shell was fabricated of 3/16" carbon steel plate (the oven front was fabricated of ½" carbon steel plate) and reinforced with structural steel; inner shell and ductwork are fabricated of 18 gauge 304 stainless steel. The oven will be placed in line with several other draw batch ovens and furnace equipment (the loader will also transfer parts to and from non-WOC equipment).

The oven heating system features incoloy sheathed heating elements, rated for 60 kW heat input with Solid State Relay power control. The oven recirculating system provides combination air flow with a 4,600 CFM @ 7 ½ HP blower. The Traveling loader featured a chain driven pusher extractor with a 3 HP AC motor and shear pin torque limiting: The car drive featured a ¾ HP reversible AC motor and was supplied with flanged wheels that rode on the customer's #4040 rails in the floor of their facility. The furnace hearth featured HK 310 cast alloy wheel rails with a chain guide & hearth bridge. The traveling loader utilized carbon steel wheel rails.

The customer's uniformity requirement was ±15°F @ 1,170°F with a nine point profile test in an empty oven chamber. The oven achieved a +8.4°F/-2.0°F temperature spread.

Both the oven and loader utilized a NEMA 12 rated control panel, each with Allen-Bradley flange-mounted disconnect switches. The controls feature IEC style push buttons and pilot lights. The oven temperature was controlled by Honeywell UDC 2500 temperature controller and over temperature protection was provided by a UDC 2500 high limit instrument. A Watch Dog process timer with an auto shutdown feature was also included on the oven control panel. The traveling loader control panel included an Emergency stop, push buttons, and selector switches for pusher, extractor, and car drive operation. A push button pendant with a 20' long cord was included which also operated the pusher/extractor mechanism to allow the operator to stand away from the heating chamber while loading or unloading parts.

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