DraperToolbox Adds New Draper Products to Website

As an online e-commerce site with a focus on Draper tools and equipment, it was only a matter of time before DraperToolbox started stocking the manufacturer's new lines. Included in the huge product upload is everything from sockets to arc welders and vacuum cleaners to hand tools.

Scott Morris, Marketing Manager of DraperToolbox, said: "We have a really good relationship with Draper and we stock their products because of their high quality. They're popular with everyone from contractors and tradesmen through to someone like you or I who just does a bit of DIY at the weekend. Obviously if Draper is launching new products then we feel we should sell them through our site too and that's why we've acted quickly to get these products online as soon as possible."

The products are now live and available to browse and buy through www.drapertoolbox.co.uk. Each new item has been sorted seamlessly into the website's existing taxonomy meaning that it's as easy as ever for the customer to find what they are looking for.

Tim Hodge, Web Administrator, said: "We put in a lot of effort with these new Draper products. We checked the manufacturer's specifications and descriptions for every product to make sure each detail was correct. Combining extensive descriptions and high quality pictures results in product pages that look fantastic. Then by sorting each item into the appropriate group, all of which are optimised for searches, it results in a comfortable and straightforward experience for the customer."

The team behind the product upload can rightly be proud of their efforts. The product pages and taxonomy provide an intuitive shopping experience, allowing customers to search or browse for products. Even if a customer isn't sure of exactly what they need, it shouldn't take more than a few clicks to find what they're looking for.

Scott added: "We've stepped up since our last product uploads. This time, if you're looking for a one inch socket, you can't miss it. You can then browse for the exact size you want, whether that's 20mm or 70mm. Similarly, we've included instruction manuals and parts lists for many products. These can be downloaded as PDFs meaning they're always there should you lose your paper copy. It also provides reassurance for customers as they can browse before they buy."

With the addition of new products to its website DraperToolbox has demonstrated its commitment to delivering high quality Draper equipment at affordable prices.

DraperToolbox.co.uk is part of the Plumbworld Network. Plumbworld was an early pioneer of online trading, started by James and Anita Hickman in 1999 and was sold to the Grafton Group PLC in December 2006, Plumbworld now employs more than 50 people in its purpose built warehouse and offices and boasts an astonishing 50+ websites selling everything from shower pumps and chainsaws to barbecues and Franke sinks. The business has a turnover in excess of £18 million and is growing at more than 20% year on year.

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