Dorner's ESP Roller-Top Conveyor Provides Relief for Pharmaceutical Company's Packaging Line

Accumulation applications ideal for roller-top conveyors

HARTLAND, Wis., (Aug 23, 2006) - When a mail-order pharmaceutical company needed a conveyor to handle a unique accumulation application - it turned to Dorner's Engineered Specials Program (ESP).

In this application, the mail-order pharmaceutical company needed to collect a variety of filled medical vials and sort them according to order, meaning one order may have six vials while the next order may have 16 vials before they are all 'picked' off the conveyor for packaging. Since the application called for the vials to be positioned upside down for picking, a roller-top conveyor belt proved to be the best solution.

As implied by its name, a roller-top conveyor uses rollers as the conveyor belt. This allows the conveyor to continually move while holding the vials in position. A roller-top conveyor was critical to the success of this application because the caps of the vials had writing on them. By using a roller-top conveyor, the vials simply continued to roll over the conveyor while remaining in place, thus preserving the writing on the caps. If a more traditional conveyor belt were used, the belt would drag over the caps, smearing the ink of the writing and damaging the bottles. Roller-top conveyors are ideal for accumulation-type applications where the conveyor needs to remain operating while product is collected for packaging or any other conveying process.

Delivery for an ESP roller-top conveyor and related accessories is typically four weeks from final approval. ESP is a program that pays extra attention to building conveyors with unique dimensions and characteristics above and beyond the dimensions of Dorner's regular conveyor platforms. Instead of trying to build a conveyor in-house from scratch to make it fit, the customer saved time and money by having people who are conveyor experts, such as the team on Dorner's ESP program, handle the project.

This is just one example of how Dorner's ESP can build specially-designed conveyors to meet unique applications. Since all of Dorner's conveyors are made to order, building an ESP roller-top conveyor for a customer, or making other special modifications to one of its six major conveyor platforms is a breeze. The ESP program is another value customers receive in doing business with Dorner and it further enhances the company's commitment to being responsive.

Hartland, Wisconsin-based Dorner Manufacturing is a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of high-quality conveyors and related equipment. Since 1973, companies from around the world have turned to Dorner conveyors for greatly improved efficiency and productivity. For more information about products or company news, visit Dorner's Web site at or call 1-800-397-8664.

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