Don't be a Statistic - Bleacher Safety Crucial at Sporting Events

LEXINGTON, VA, - Most people don't think twice about safety when they sit down in the bleachers to watch their favorite sporting event. Given that over 20,000 people are hurt annually in accidents involving bleachers or grandstands, bleacher safety should, however, be on everyone's minds.

A large percentage of injuries are the result of a person falling through, or from, bleachers to the ground below, and many of these injuries involve children.

In 1999, in response to tragedies involving two small children who were fatally injured after falling from bleachers, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) developed guidelines for bleacher safety.

Guardrails missing from the backs of bleachers, or open sides on bleachers can cause injury from falls. Gaps in the guardrail, between the footboard and seat, or at the bottom of the guardrail that are large enough for a person to pass through can also cause injury. Falls can also occur when there are missing or inadequate handrails, aisles or non-skid surfaces.

A bleacher should have a guardrail along the back, and surrounding the open ends where the drop is more than 30 inches to the ground below. The guardrail should be at least 42 inches high, and there should all openings should be small enough that a 4-inch sphere cannot pass through. Mesh, chain-link or vertical picket guardrails are a great way to meet these safety guidelines.

When ordering bleachers, it is advised to check local requirements for such things as aisles and guardrails, ADA, or other conditions. Building codes vary by year written and by the group who issues them (International Building Code (IBC), Uniform Building Code (UBC), Standard Building Code (SBC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), etc.), so be sure to check with your local building codes.

When shopping for new bleachers, or if you are in need of retrofitting old (and potentially dangerous!) bleachers, it is crucial to follow the CPSC's guidelines to ensure the highest safety of your guests. It is imperative that you deal with an individual who is knowledgeable and equipped to answer any questions, as well as provide bleacher seating that meets all of the CPSC's guidelines.

Don't let your bleachers or grandstands be the cause of any of the 20,000 annual injuries. Ensure the bleachers meet the CPSC's guidelines. No one's safety is worth taking a risk by leaving outdated bleachers in place!

For additional information on bleacher safety, ordering new or retrofitting existing bleachers or grandstands, contact Laura S. Dudley, or visit

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