DMI Announces Three New Security Operations Services that Extend the CISO's Reach

World's First SOC Offerings to Use Trusted Computing as the Foundation for Self-Defending Networks

BETHESDA, Md. - DMI (, a leading IT solutions and business strategy consulting firm, today announced a breakthrough portfolio of three new Security Operations Center (SOC) offerings. DMI's solutions are unique in their use of trusted computing technologies to build self-defending networks that increase security, reduce cost, and improve compliance.

Created to address the needs of CISOs who are battling to fulfill the cybersecurity mission with limited staff and budgets, DMI provides cost-effective 24x7 SOC monitoring and reporting coupled with an arsenal of advanced technology solutions to decisively block attack vectors and provision networks to protect themselves at Internet speed.

DMI's Trusted SOC portfolio solutions build on one another to supply monitoring and reporting, proactive defense, and full-bore implementation of trusted computing technologies for self-defending networks:

- DMI Trusted Sentinel(TM): DMI's entry level offering helps CISOs extend their reach, expanding their existing security operations to include remote 24x7 Trusted SOC services - continuous monitoring and reporting operated from DMI's Trusted Sentinel SOC facility which accesses the enterprise securely via DMI's Trusted SOC Connect(TM). Integrating seamlessly with existing tools and networks, DMI responds to security events by engaging first responders and providing them vital data on incidents as they unfold.

- DMI Trusted Citadel(TM): Why wait for attackers to find vulnerabilities in the network? DMI's Trusted Citadel solution applies penetration-testing methodology and tools to proactively find and close vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. The DMI Trusted Citadel SOC actively seeks vulnerabilities in networks and reports not just that vulnerabilities exist, but actions that can be taken to remediate them.

- DMI Trusted Enterprise(TM): Time is the attacker's friend and the defender's enemy. DMI's comprehensive Trusted Enterprise SOC solution leverages trusted computing technologies to link security sensors with security effectors, making it possible to catch and automatically block attacks that are too subtle or too fast to be addressed using standard operations. DMI Trusted Enterprise also uses trusted computing technologies to eliminate frequently used attack vectors. Unknown and untrusted devices are prevented from gaining network access, and malware is detected and isolated before it can do harm.

"Traditional cybersecurity operations are primarily reactive in nature," said Jay Sunny Bajaj, Digital Management's CEO. "Many security operations groups respond to cyber incidents long after they are over and the attacker is gone. Our vision is to enable our customers to transition to a proactive, self-defending model - a Trusted Enterprise. Our use of trusted computing technologies makes this approach more affordable and effective than ever before possible."

DMI is the only solution provider in the world to have incorporated trusted computing technologies into SOC offerings that deliver early detection and instant response--blocking common threat vectors, and giving the enterprise time to evolve defenses to stay ahead of attackers.

About DMI

DMI is a leading IT solutions and business strategy consulting firm focused on providing solutions that transform enterprise operations in government and business. Our commitment to superior services and solutions, including Strategic Consulting, Desktop Management, Network Management, Enterprise Applications, and Cybersecurity, has resulted in dramatic growth and an expanding client base that includes twelve of the fifteen U.S. Federal Departments as well as multiple defense organizations and military services. DMI is an SBA-certified small business, headquartered in Bethesda MD, with satellite and project offices throughout the country.

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