Distron Corporation Extends Facility Upgrades to Electronic Manufacturing Services

Attelboro Falls, MA – Having spent the last two years carefully integrating over one million dollars in improvements to the company's facility, New England's first contract manufacturer has now announced plans to extend those improvements to cover an even broader range of electronic manufacturing services.

Distron Corporation regularly provides a wide range of services related to electronic manufacturing, including ball grid arrays, electromechanical assembly, electronic contract manufacturing, and more. With this in mind, company Vice President Don Petry explains that improvements made over the course of the last two years will drastically enhance Distron's capability to provide electronic manufacturing services for large and small companies.

Part of enhancements to the company's ability to provide electronic manufacturing for businesses across the country includes the addition of several new machines. New equipment acquisitions include one new automated optical inspection system with high resolution, a full color CCD, and an all digital 5 camera and 12 micron optics system.

Distron has also purchased a Seka S40 Pilot Flying Probe test platform. The S40 Pilot utilizes four mobile, independent test probes to perform complete in-circuit and functional tests of any type of electronic board without having to build a test fixtures or mechanical adapters. This will greatly improve the quality yield of product shipping from Distron with minimal investment in tooling and test program development. "This is a service that had previously been done by a third party, having this available in-house is a big advantage for our customers," stated Petry.

Other new machines include a new pre-heater, and advanced optics systems for measuring height area and solder paste volume. At the end of the company's production line, Distron has also added a brand new SMD tower, an automated and highly flexible buffer storage unit used for near-production deployment to stage all components in a controlled atmosphere, ready for a smooth transition into the SMT line.

As Petry explains, each upgrade to Distron's facility has been added and implemented with "the best end-result in mind. From the earliest stages of electronic contract manufacturing to final testing and inspection."

Representatives from Distron are confident that the ongoing upgrades and improvements to the company's electronic manufacturing capabilities put Distron in the position to continually meet the demands of large and small businesses from across New England and beyond. For more information on electronic contract manufacturing, visit http://www#distron#com/electronic-contract-mfg#html or call 508-695-8786.

About Distron Corporation

Distron Corporation has been a New England leader in the electronic contract manufacturing industry since 1970#  Distron specializes in SMT PCB and flex circuit assembly, electromechanical assembly, turnkey and consignment, prototype thru production, ISO9001/ ISO13485# Industries serviced include Medical, Military, Industrial, Cleantech and HB-LED Lighting.


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