Dispensing and Proportioning for the Cubitainer®

1) Taps & Faucets – Our two most popular designs are the no-drip press tap and the quick serve tap. For the no-drip press tap you simply put the dispenser on a table or counter, place your cup or bottle under the tap and press the button until you've dispensed what you need. The tap has a bottom shut-off so it's dripless. You can think of it much like the tap on a wine box, only this a much higher quality. It's great for filling secondary containers like spray bottles and soy sauce bottles.

The quick serve tap is the most popular tap sold worldwide. It's designed to fit the Cubitainer® and outfitted with an 8mm nozzle. It's also leak proof.

2) Proportioning Control Systems – Our customers tend to have their own proportioning control systems. As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, these systems typically serve to dilute products such as cleaning chemicals. Often times, these systems are set up in stages, where there is an active Cubitainer® and an additional Cube in reserve. When the first one empties, the system begins to draw from the second while another backup cube is loaded. This way, the system never needs to shut down.

Closed System Connectors – Our closed system connectors include the Colder quick connect puncture seal cap and the UDC connector. They're designed to connect to proportioning or delivery dispensing systems. These systems typically operate by drawing a vacuum that pulls the material being stored from the Cubitainer® to the delivery zone. The major advantage to these connectors is that they prevent against air return, and with the Cubitainer® they require no dip tube. The lack of air return makes them perfect for oxygen sensitive products like inks, paints, coatings, adhesives, photo chemicals and sake, where oxygen has adverse effects that actually break down the substance.

For applications where there is no air return, the Cubitainer® is particularly well suited to the task. In the case of a wine box, another system that prevents air return, the bag inside the box eventually collapses over the dispensing closure, making it a difficult chore to get to the last of the wine. Often, a glass to a glass and a half can be left behind. The Cubitainer®, due to its more rigid design, will not collapse and shut off on itself. Most systems utilizing a Cubitainer® dispense 99% of the Cube's contents.

The Cubitainer® isn't just suited to more advanced applications like those involving a vacuum. As long as your product will flow, gravity is enough to dispense the Cube's contents. So as long as you have a place to hang your Cubitainer®, you’re good to go.

The systems discussed here is only a sampling of what's out there. And as we've designed the Cubitainer® to be the perfect solution for nearly every packaging application, we've only scratched the service of what you can do with a Cube.

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