Digital Refractometer Measures Hydration Level of Wrestlers

Kirkland, WA, September 13, 2007-VEE GEE Scientific announces the release of model PDX-CL, a digital clinical refractometer used to test the urine specific gravity of wrestlers and other interscholastic athletes. A valuable tool for coaches, athletic directors, and health professionals, model PDX-CL is faster and easier to use than traditional optical refractometers, has a battery life of over 5000 readings, and is registered with the FDA.

As part of its rules for weight management, the National Federation of State High School Associations requires wrestlers to pass a hydration test. The PDX-CL checks an athlete's hydration by measuring the specific gravity of his or her urine. Unusually high specific gravity readings generally indicate lack of proper water intake and would, therefore, make an athlete unfit for competition.

With 4-decimal resolution and accuracy of ±0.0003, the PDX-CL delivers exceptionally accurate USG readings. Particularly useful to operators, the PDX-CL has a red LED alarm that flashes if a urine sample exceeds a specified value. This value, or high limit, can be easily programmed to help screeners ensure that wrestlers are properly hydrated.

Featuring a design that can be placed on a tabletop or held comfortably in one's palm, the PDX-CL has a large LCD display to ensure easy readings of the measured USG values. With traditional optical refractometers, a shadowline can be interpreted differently depending on the user; the digital display of the PDX-CL eliminates this problem, increases consistency, and speeds up the testing process.

Paul Wendling, Senior Product Developer at VEE GEE, explains, "When we were in the initial design phase with the PDX-CL, our vision was to produce a refractometer that would far exceed what was available in the existing market. Better accuracy, 4-decimal resolution, a larger display...those were all requests we'd been fielding for years from customers wanting an enhanced refractometer for USG testing. Now that we've officially released our PDX-CL, that's what users will finally get: the best USG refractometer on the market."

Please contact VEE GEE Scientific for details, technical support or to locate a dealer to purchase model PDX-CL. All American Wrestling Supply, Official Merchandiser for USA Wrestling, is an authorized dealer of VEE GEE refractometers. Please visit or call (800) 727-USA1 to order a digital or analog USG refractometer.

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