Digital Defense(TM) Group Begins Factor4(TM) Biocard Production

Meeting Global Demand for Wireless Biometric Technology

OMAHA, Neb., April 7 -- Gabriel Technologies Corp. (BULLETIN BOARD: GWLK) , a homeland security company, announced today that its subsidiary Digital Defense(TM) Group began production of the Factor4(TM) on-card self-enrolling(TM) biocard earlier this month to meet demand in Aruba, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Russia and the United States.

Digital Defense Group, a developer and supplier of biometric-enabled identity management products, said production is ramping up to 10,000 units per month as the company's integration partners place orders for Factor4 biocards to enable physical and logical access, and time and attendance tracking.

"We're excited to fulfill orders from our growing list of channel marketing partners," said Digital Defense Group CEO Steve Campisi.

Digital Defense Group made the announcement today at ISC West in Las Vegas, where Digital Defense is exhibiting. Factor4(TM) biocard technology was among new products featured at ISC West, the annual international security industry trade show.

Factor4 and IronGate(TM) biocards enable secure identity management and protect privacy. The biocards perform a one to one on-card authentication and wirelessly transmits at an encrypted authentication certificate 10 centimeters and 10 meters respectively. Both Factor4 and IronGate biocards feature an on- card self-enrollment process -- enabling the user's unique biometric signature to be stored directly on the secured biocard itself and eliminating the need for a centralized database or extra external hardware or software during enrollment and authentication.

Factor4 and IronGate biocards can hold numerous digital certificates of authentication for access and financial transaction requirements, as well as secure documents and digital images. Both biocards are compatible with both 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz readers.

About Digital Defense Group

Digital Defense Group is a developer and supplier of biometric-enabled identity management products. The Omaha, Nebraska-based subsidiary of Gabriel Technologies Corp. began research and product development of a wireless, self- enrolling biometric card in 2001 and launched the Factor4 and IronGate on-card self-enrolling biocards in 2005. Factor4 biocard is engineered for broad identity management scenarios including logical and physical access control. IronGate biocard features proprietary technology that boosts its transmission up to 10 meters. Visit or call (402) 397-CARD for more information.

About Gabriel Technologies Corp.

Gabriel Technologies is a leading provider of proprietary solutions in three rapidly growing segments of the homeland security market -- asset tracking, physical security and biometrics. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Gabriel Technologies, LLC of Omaha, Neb., Gabriel Technologies Corp. develops, manufactures and sells a series of physical locking systems for the transportation and shipping industries collectively known as the WAR- LOK(TM) Security System. Security has evolved substantially in recent years due to increased risks from theft and terrorism. With the implementation of the award-winning WAR-LOK, Gabriel Technologies provides cost-efficient security measures to prevent national and global theft and homeland security issues.

Gabriel Technologies' mission is to provide the highest quality security products available to the transportation and shipping industries by creating innovative, proven technologies that can be implemented on a realistic basis. Gabriel Technologies Corp. is also the parent company of the next-generation assisted-GPS company, Trace Technologies, LLC, . The company's Digital Defense Group is a provider of wireless biometric security products based on patent-pending technology. For more information, visit .

Further information can be found at . For more information about Gabriel, contact Daniel Leonard at (402) 614-0258.

An investment profile on the company can be found at .

Investors may contact Frank Hawkins or Julie Marshall, Hawk Associates, at (305) 451-1888, e-mail: An online investor relations kit containing Gabriel Technologies' press releases, SEC filings, current Level II price quotes, interactive Java stock charts and other useful information for investors can be found at and .

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