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Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering - Auburn, CA

Original Press Release

Dieselcraft Model 250 Oil Centrifuge on CAT 3520 Engine Running on "Land Fill Gas"

Press release date: Jan 21, 2014

Quote from the customer: "After analyzing the deposit formed in the Dieselcraft centrifuge placed on the number 1 engine at the customers, Utah facility, it can be determined that the composition of the gas has significant levels of sulfur and phosphorus oxides. These compounds, when introduced to water, can create acids in the engine oil leading to significant rust and premature wear problems."

"The oil analysis to date has proven that this is not happening in this system and the oil is suitable for current use, even with the elevated levels of phosphorus. With water content remaining low, no significant acid formation is being seen, oil drain intervals are at or around 1200 hours consistently."

This facility increased oil change intervals 40% and is saving $10,000 per year on oil in three

Dieselcraft is a Magnum Group Company
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