Dewalt Introduces SITELOCK, An Innovative Security System

-- Unique Wireless Solution Designed Specifically for Construction Industry --

BALTIMORE - February 2005 - Recent research has identified jobsite theft as a top concern for the construction industry, with losses of more than $1 billion in the United States each year. These losses are a result of a widespread lack of effective security solutions for jobsites and equipment located on the sites. DEWALT, a leading manufacturer of power tools, today announced the debut of SITELOCK, its innovative portable, wireless alarm system that is designed specifically for the construction industry and uses patented wireless technology to monitor numerous pieces of equipment or areas simultaneously.

SITELOCK features a portable base unit and five unique wireless sensors. It is a user-friendly self installed system that can be customized for different jobsites. Through the base unit, stationed in an indoor location (most often the jobsite trailer), the remote sensors can be programmed individually to monitor key assets and areas on the jobsite. If an intruder tries to enter a secured area, disturb a piece of protected equipment, or remove a sensor, the alarm activates and a signal is sent via wireless technology to a monitoring service.

Providing additional flexibility, portability and convenience, SITELOCK can be moved easily as jobsite locations change with no roaming fees or location change costs. This key benefit effectively addresses the needs of DEWALT's end users. Until now, no other solution has been identified to specifically address the mobility and durability issues of the construction industry.

"DEWALT understands that jobsite losses are continuing to have a significant impact on the construction community," commented Bill Pugh, Group Marketing Manager for DEWALT's Security Business Group. "SITELOCK is a natural extension of our brand - user feedback has identified a need for this type of alarm system and because of DEWALT's reputation for solving jobsite problems, we are trusted to provide a solution. We are excited to provide the construction industry with an innovative product to address the continued concern of jobsite theft."

While other security systems used on jobsites typically do not protect equipment outside of the trailer, SITELOCK is equipped with a variety of unique add-on accessories. These accessories can be placed throughout the site, on job/gang tool boxes or equipment to ensure that valuable tools and areas of the jobsite beyond the construction office are protected. Wireless sensors can be placed on equipment and tools from up to 2,000 feet from the main base unit. For example, the Jobsite Security Cable Lock will protect equipment normally secured by a lock and chain. The Container Sensor protects job boxes, storing tools that are found on nearly every commercial construction site across the country today - an area left unprotected by the solutions currently on the market. The Container Sensor and Cable Lock are heavy-duty crush and weather resistant sensors designed specifically for outdoor construction job site applications.

SITELOCK will be available in early 2005 at select industrial and specialty tool locations across the country where DEWALT products are sold. The base system with one Keychain Remote Control will retail for approximately $1,000.00 and the wireless sensors will range in price from $99 to $199. Jobsite managers may opt to have notifications sent to DEWALT's 24/7 central monitoring customer service center, staffed with trained SITELOCK alarm system specialists that will call the customer and notify the police if requested (limited availability in certain jurisdictions) for approximately $40.00 per month, or customers can choose to be notified directly via a cell phone text message or e-mail for approximately $30.00 per month.

"It is exciting to see that an industry leader like DEWALT is addressing the jobsite theft issue, as it has been a rising business concern for the past few years," commented Dave Korman, Windsor Electric. "We look forward to seeing what impact SITELOCK has now that we have installed it and we are hopeful about the results."

SITELOCK was developed by DEWALT after the company completed an extensive jobsite research study early this year. The study surveyed more than 1,500 construction end users and buyers and identified jobsite security as the industry's #1 concern. More than 60% of those polled sited tool theft protection as a major concern while less than 15% used an alarm system at their jobsite at the time of the study. It was determined that this disparity exists because of a general lack of effective industry-specific solutions.

Other key findings from DEWALT's recent research study included the following:
o 97% of construction professionals are concerned about jobsite security

o For more than 60% of the construction industry end users and jobsite security system purchasers surveyed, tool theft is the #1 concern with the greatest financial and economic impact

o Lost time and personal productivity are both significant incremental costs to the replacement costs of stolen items on jobsites.

o More than 50% of those surveyed have had equipment stolen in the past 12 months

o Residential jobsite losses account for an annual 1-2% increase in new home construction

o 77% of jobsites have experienced theft up to five times each year

o Tool theft, material theft and truck/van protection are the top three jobsite loss concerns

About DEWALT (
DEWALT is a leading manufacturer of power tools with more than 300 power tool and equipment products as well as 800 power tool accessories, including corded and cordless drills, saws, hammers, grinders, routers, planers, plate joiners, sanders, lasers, generators, compressors and nailers, as well as saw blades, metal and masonry drill bits, abrasives, screw driving accessories and more. DEWALT tools can be found wherever tools are sold, nationally and internationally. With over 1,000 factory owned and authorized locations, DEWALT has one of the most extensive service and repair networks in North America.

DS100 - Base Unit
o Central element for entire system. Base Unit houses receiver/transmitter, which communicates with all programmed sensors, monitors its own environment, and sends out communication in the event of an alarm.

o Program up to 48 individual sensors to monitor assets and up to 6 Key Chain Remotes for arming or disarming.

o Portable, wireless technology featuring 900 MHz Spread Spectrum communications between base and sensors; range up to 2000'.

o Continuous monitoring of sensors; receives frequent transmission "check-ins" for battery strength, active status, and tampering.

o Cellular communication, featuring Cellemetry® cellular technology with two-way data digital control channel on existing cellular networks, powered by a 1.2 watt cellular data radio.

o Sends communications in less than one second; no phone line to be cut by an intruder providing added security.

o Can be used virtually anywhere in North America where cellular coverage is available, with no roaming fees.

o Molded screw holes and beveled rear edges for easy, versatile mounting in corners or flat against a wall.

o Battery back-up provides over eight hours of coverage if primary AC power is lost.

o Includes built-in motion sensor, vibration sensor, siren, strobe, battery back-up, LCD display, key pad interface, Cellemetry® receiver-transmitter, wireless sensors receiver-transmitter, phone connector, and AC Adapter.

o Includes 3.0V Lithium battery, mounting bracket and screw pack.

DS001 - Alarm System Mounting Bracket
o Recommended for use in high traffic areas where Base Unit requires anchoring or needs to be mounted on a wall.

DS200 - Key Chain Remote Control
o Up to six key chain remotes can be programmed to operate the base unit, allowing different employees to open and lock up the site.

o 50' range of protection with advanced digital scanning to recognize human movements and size to help prevent false alarms.

o LED feedback light notifies user when signal is being sent to the base unit.

o Includes carabineer hook and 3.0V Lithium battery.

DS210 - Indoor Motion Sensor (PIR)
o Detects moving heat sources; recommended for use in offices, climate controlled storage and other enclosed areas.

o Unit can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

o Includes 3.0V Lithium battery, mounting bracket and screw pack.

DS220 - Door/Window Contact Sensor
o Used for monitoring the opening of doors, windows and gaps of up to 3/8".

o Recommended for use in enclosed areas, offices and climate controlled storage.

o Can be mounted anywhere on the door or window frame.

DS300 - JobSite Security Cable Lock
o Heavy-duty 12' cable urethane jacket surrounds stainless steel braiding, providing durability and flexibility in all weather conditions. Works similar to a bike lock to secure stand-alone equipment such as ladders.

o Constructed of fiberglass-filled nylon; impact and water resistant.

o Includes 3.0V Lithium battery.

o Replacement Cables Available:

DS306 6' Replacement Cable for
DS312 12' Replacement Cable for
DS324 24' Replacement Cable for
DS350 - Container Sensor
o Monitors remote metal containers, large toolboxes and tool storage boxes.

o Attaches to container and monitors vibration to indicate movement or tampering.

Basic Kit Includes: Base Unit, Key chain Remote Control and Mounting Bracket for $1,000.

Monitoring Services: Central monitoring for approximately $40.00 per month. Individual monitoring via cell phone text message or e-mail for approximately $30.00 per month.

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