Deville Technologies Introduces the FAM Hymaks Dicer/Strip-Cutter: a New Standard in Food Safety

Deville Technologies Inc. today announced the addition of the USDA accepted FAM Hymaks Dicer/Strip-Cutter to its line of premium quality industrial food cutting machines. Deville worked closely with its Belgian partner, FAM, to design a machine that would comply with the most stringent food safety regulations. Developed specifically for the cheese and meat industries, the Hymaks is a high-capacity, high-precision food cutting machine that is also a pioneer in converting sanitation theory into practice.

"We're very excited to bring the Hymaks to North America", said David Penta, General Manager of Deville Technologies. "Food safety is a major issue affecting all the players in the food processing industry. The Hymaks allows a company to comply with USDA standards, while benefiting from this machine's leading edge, cost-efficient performance."

The Hymaks is characterized by unique and uncompromising sanitary design features such as complete separation of the product contact and mechanical zones, self-draining surfaces in the product contact zone, no exposed bores, threads, or bolts in the product contact zone, and a minimum Ra 32 finish in the product contact zone.

The Hymaks was designed to handle a wide range of applications ranging from large blocks of soft, semi-hard or processed cheeses such as Mozzarella, Monterey Jack, and Provolone. Blocks can be square, rectangular, or cylindrical. Cheese can be cut chilled or frozen.

The Hymaks also cuts bacon, poultry (fresh, frozen, or cooked breast and thigh meat), cooked ham, cooked beef, and salami end-pieces. Hymaks can also strip-cut fresh and frozen beef, pork, poultry, and cured ham. Cut meat products can be used in salads, pizza toppings, ready meals, meat snacks, pet food, etc.

About Deville Technologies
Deville Technologies Inc. specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of premium quality industrial food cutting equipment and complete food processing lines. The company also offers engineering consultation services to help its customers implement the most cost-effective food cutting solutions. The company's equipment lineup is led by its own FS-40 High-capacity Shredder/Grater/Crumbler. Deville Technologies is also a leading, value-added North American distributor for FAM, the world-renowned Belgian manufacturer of industrial food cutting machinery. Deville Technologies is privately owned, with its head office located in Montreal, Canada.

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