Despatch Industries Sells First UltraFlex(TM) Dryer and Firing Furnace into China

Minneapolis, Minn., U.S.A. - Despatch Industries, a leading technology and equipment provider for the solar industry, proudly announces that the company has sold its first UltraFlex(TM) dryer and firing furnace unit into China. The UltraFlex was purchased by a large Chinese company that ranks among the top ten in the world for solar cell manufacturing. The UltraFlex is equipped with an integral VOC Thermal Oxidizer. Processing capacity for the tool is 1200 to 2000 wafers per hour.

"The new technology and advanced features of the UltraFlex are really resonating with solar manufacturers," states Jeff Bell, Solar Product Manager. "We are very pleased to see steady bookings coming in from the solar industry's top producers in China and worldwide. The economic slowdown gave industry leaders an opportunity to look forward and explore the latest technology advancements. Many of these leading companies have chosen to implement new technology offerings into their expansion plans."

Despatch's UltraFlex was reengineered top to bottom to create a smarter, more efficient tool with a smaller footprint and a first-of-its-kind configuration. The company redesigned the airflow system for increased efficiency and developed new, custom lamps that operate at optimal levels and enable maximum absorption of energy into each cell. The Microzone(TM) Technology incorporated into the UltraFlex provides customers with infinite profile flexibility, independent of belt speed.

The efficient UltraFlex configuration incorporates a four meter drying section that provides optimal drying at faster belt speeds, and yet, the unit is two and a half meters shorter than comparable systems. Despatch's new, patent-pending VOC Thermal Oxidizer is integrated into the dryer and provides virtually maintenance free elimination of VOCs at point-of-generation.

Despatch firing furnace technology is consistently recognized as the best available in the industry. The company currently holds the number one market share for metallization firing furnaces, having sold over 200 units into China alone, and has shipped over 10GW of firing furnace production capacity worldwide.

Despatch Industries designs and engineers market-leading tools and technology for the global solar cell manufacturing industry. Despatch equipment is consistently recognized for exceptional performance and process quality, optimal cell efficiency, maximum uptime and reduced operating costs.

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