Despatch Announces Large Quantity Sale of Industry Leading Nitrogen Atmosphere Oven

Customer Utilizes Despatch Equipment in Opening of New International Facility

Minneapolis, Minn., - December 6, 2006 - Despatch Industries, a world leader in thermal processing and environmental simulation, announced today the sale of a large quantity of the company's LND Nitrogen Atmosphere Oven to an international provider of microprocessor solutions.

The customer employs the versatile LND oven model to perform the pre-bake application on their circuit boards. Despatch has been contracted to manufacture 16 LND units, and will adhere to an aggressive manufacturing schedule, with the first half of the order shipping this month, and the remaining units following by mid-January.

"The outstanding performance and custom features of our LND Nitrogen Atmosphere Oven are unmatched in the industry," says Steve Eul, Despatch Inside Sales. "We offer our customers flexibility in the design and configuration of the oven which allows them to modify their ovens to fit specific requirements and processes without sacrificing quality, performance or delivery schedules. Our goal is to provide the best solutions for any thermal processing requirements"

Despatch's popular LND Nitrogen Atmosphere Oven boasts industry-leading technology and performance enhancing features such as the ability to maintain oxygen content as low as 1,000 parts per million and a secondary fresh air purge system which allows the user to remove fumes and vapors from the chamber when necessary, but still be able to completely seal the oven to achieve the low-oxygen content so critical in the application.

Despatch Industries is a leading worldwide provider of thermal processing and environmental simulation solutions. Founded in 1902, closely held Despatch Industries is a technology-driven company committed to satisfying customer needs through innovative research and development. Through its two primary product lines, Despatch and Ransco, the company serves customers in a number of industries including: semiconductors, electronic components, photovoltaics, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, automotive and industrial materials.

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