Design Prototyping Technologies Increases Capacity of ABS-Like High-Impact Stereolithography Resin

DPT is the only service bureau in North America to reserve two large platform stereolithography systems for DSM Somos® DMX-SLT 100.

SYRACUSE, NY - In response to numerous requests for high-impact stereolithography resin, Design Prototyping Technologies, a leading provider of rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing services, has dedicated two large format SLA machines for DSM Somos® DMX-SLT 100.

"What excites industrial designers and manufacturers the most is our ability to build extremely durable prototypes with exceptional accuracy and detail resolution," said DPT president Mike Rufo. "The decision to reserve two systems solely for DMX ensures our ability to consistently deliver stereolithogaphy parts with sintered-like durability."

Large format SL systems offer project managers and stereolithography technicians the advantage of running multiple parts in just one build cycle or processing large build styles without having to segment STL files.

"With four times the impact strength of typical "ABS-like" stereolithography resins, DMX is advancing stereolithography resins beyond traditional applications to those previously used for cast urethanes and laser sintering," says Somos Global Product Manager Brian Bauman.

DSM Somos® introduced DMX-SLT 100 to the rapid prototyping and manufacturing industry in 2007. In addition to DMX, Design Prototyping Technologies runs a full line of DSM Somos resins including Somos® 9120, WaterShed® XC 11122, ProtoThermT12120 and ProtoGen® 18420. The company's lab consists of nine large format, regularly calibrated stereolithography machines.

About Design Prototyping Technologies ( DPT is a leading RP service provider of product development, rapid prototyping and manufacturing solutions. The 12,500 Sq. Ft. Syracuse-based facility contains climate controlled rooms, dedicated battery backups and regularly scheduled calibration inspections to support nine, large-format Stereolithography (SLA) machines. The company's RP capabilities include 3D printing, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), urethane casting, injection molding, metal casting and sheet metal services. DPT's online quote engine guarantees an immediate response to time-sensitive product development projects. DPT inspires its employees to remain focused on excellence, the highest ethical standards and the professional needs of their customers.

About DSM Somos (

DSM Somos® is an unincorporated subsidiary of DSM Desotech-a world leader in the development of specialty UV-curable materials-and a member of the global DSM family. The Somos business has earned a global reputation for stereolithography (SL) material innovation.

Media Contact: Mike Rufo
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