Design Guide for Cost Effective Product Labeling

Let’s face it. When designing a new product, labeling typically comes as an afterthought. The truth is, however, that labeling is essential to brand identity, and all graphics used to label a product should not only last forever, but also reflect the quality of the product they are being applied to.

In an attempt to educate consumers on how to create a low cost but effective label, MSI combined our 40+ years of labeling experience to create what we call the LDG or Label Design Guide, a reference for all who are involved in labeling their product. The book is broken down into sections and uses physical product samples so that readers can easily flip through, and find the best way to produce a label that meets their specific needs. Complete with 26 Design Techniques, the book covers everything from UL/CSA labels to polycarbonate overlays.

Marking System’s LDG is part of our commitment to act as a trusted advisor to our customers and assist them in making the highest quality product possible. For more information please visit or call (972) 475-0770 ext..

MSI, is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified manufacturer of precision Nameplates, Overlays, UL Labels, Membrane Switches and Insulators for the Original Equipment Manufacturer. The industries we serve are Test and Measurement, Telecommunications, Security, Power Distribution, Medical, Aerospace, Military, Computer and Industrial.

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