Dermatologic Cosmetic Labs Selects DEACOM ERP

WAYNE, PA - Deacom, Inc. announced today that Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories, Ltd. (DCL), an innovative provider of high quality skin care products to dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other health care professionals, and Milbar Labs, a contract manufacturer producing superior, customer specific, skin care products, licensed the DEACOM Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to manage their distribution and manufacturing business operations.

A revitalized management at DCL with its subsidiary, Milbar Labs, Inc., sought to update an antiquated ERP system to meet growing demands and consolidate operations. DCL realized that a consultative partnership with Deacom would be more productive than attempting an in-house ERP implementation.

DCL chose DEACOM ERP after an arduous selection process because DEACOM offers the best solution for manufacturers such as DCL and Milbar, within a single system with no bolt-ons or customizations.

Deacom is committed to helping DCL successfully implement the ERP solution and as such will be providing DCL with a DEACOM Implementation Consultant in addition to the regularly deployed Deacom Implementation Team.

"DEACOM offered the best functional fit for us and the best partner we could find for the implementation process," said Susan Lamar, DCL CFO. She gave credit to the ERP selection team for finding a company with a user-configurable interface that would "grow with us and allow our associates to focus on producing and marketing innovative and quality skin care products." The software "will handle all aspects of sales, warehousing, manufacturing, quality control, purchasing, product management, and accounting," she said.

About Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories (DCL)

Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories (DCL) and its subsidiary Milbar Laboratories produce high-performance, non-prescription formulations for face, hair, body, and sun protection. DCL formulates and manufactures its products at its FDA/OTC registered facility in East Haven, Connecticut. The company is best known for its clinically proven Anti-Aging System, Acne Healing System and its AHA "Step Up" System as well as their consultative support for both newly-established and experienced dispensing physicians.

About Deacom, Inc.

The DEACOM ERP System seamlessly links all departments within a manufacturing company, providing a comprehensive view of the entire operation. By making complex issues simple, Deacom helps streamline manufacturing business processes to maximize productivity and profitability.

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