DEMA Selects VISTAGY's FiberSIMR Software for Composites Design on Major Commercial Airliner Program

WALTHAM, Mass., (USA), February 21, 2007 - VISTAGY, Inc., a leading global provider of specialized engineering software, today announced that Italian aerospace manufacturer DEMA Group has selected its FiberSIM® composites software for the design and manufacture of complex, highly-engineered composite parts for the development of new commercial airliners.

DEMA Group manufactures components and assemblies for commercial and military aircraft, helicopters and space vehicles. The company has engaged in extensive research of composites design and manufacturing methodologies, and supplies large, complex composite parts to organizations involved in the development and assembly of commercial aircraft. DEMA selected VISTAGY's FiberSIM suite of software, powered by EnCapta® technology, to help its engineers more efficiently create complete 3D digital model-based definitions of composite parts in order to limit the use of 2D drawings and manual processes.

For the first time, DEMA engineers can capture all detailed, non-geometric design information directly in a CAD software model and share this detail electronically across the supply chain-eliminating the need for manually creating paper documentation or reports. As a result, DEMA expects to greatly reduce development cycle times and design costs while quickening "time-to-part" in order to meet demanding delivery timeframes.

"We have been entrusted with the privilege of supplying key composite parts to major commercial airliner partners, and we are utilizing our years of composites experience to develop quality products faster and more efficiently," said Giuseppe Ombra, engineering vice president at DEMA. "Not only will FiberSIM software help us design these aerospace products more effectively, but we expect to realize a much greater level of information-sharing and collaboration between engineering teams to identify design problems earlier, make changes quicker, and ensure manufacturing accuracy and part quality."

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About DEMA

DEMA, a leader in the design and manufacture of commercial and military aircraft, helicopter and space applications, was formed in 1993 and is active in the aeronautic sector. The organization is a partner of Finmeccanica and supplies composite parts to manufacturing organizations throughout the world. It specializes in design, industrialization and production - sheet metal work, thermal treatment, machining, aeronautical assembly of vertical products, and composites research, design and production of aircraft and helicopter parts. DEMA is headquartered in Somma Vesuviana, with design and manufacturing centers throughout Italy. DEMA Aeronautics is a subsidiary of DEMA and is located in Montreal, Canada.

About FiberSIM

FiberSIM is a suite of specialized engineering software that transforms commercial 3D CAD software systems into high-performance tools specifically tailored to designing and manufacturing composite products. FiberSIM is completely integrated into existing CAD systems. Engineers can utilize the software to accurately define composite parts, simulate producibility, resolve manufacturing problems early in the development cycle, automatically generate flat patterns from 3D models, and efficiently share design and manufacturing detail across the supply chain to reduce risk, costs and cycle times.

About VISTAGY, Inc.

VISTAGY, Inc. develops engineering software that provides specialized functionality to significantly improve the value of commercial 3D CAD systems. VISTAGY's specialized engineering environments enable engineers to capture and communicate complete digital product definitions within CAD, thereby increasing productivity, improving the communication of product information throughout the product lifecycle, and allowing better-informed decision-making early in design. VISTAGY software is used throughout the world in the aerospace, automotive, marine, medical, sporting goods, and transportation interiors industries. The company also offers training and consulting services. For more information, contact VISTAGY in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, at +1.781.250.6868 or visit

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