DeltaTrak Joins IBM Food Trust to Enable Increased Traceability of Leafy Greens and Other Perishable Foods

DeltaTrak to Assist Customers with On-Boarding to IBM Food Trust

Pleasanton, California, October 15th, 2019 -- DeltaTrak® announced it has joined Food Trust, a blockchain-enabled global ecosystem for the food industry. Using the solution, DeltaTrak will work with suppliers of leafy greens and other perishable food commodities, to guide them with on-boarding to the IBM Food Trust.

By joining Food Trust, DeltaTrak can assist suppliers with selectively sharing key information about food items with their other business partners, such as suppliers, producers, retailers and more, all in a highly secured and permissioned way on the blockchain. By enabling this greater level of transparency, DeltaTrak can facilitate more efficient and effective collaboration with its supply chain partners, ultimately allowing them to upload critical data to the blockchain, in order to comply with their customer requirements.

DeltaTrak’s experienced professionals provide a service to assist suppliers step-by-step through the process, allowing them to identify, map and upload their information to the IBM Food trust. 

According to Frederick Wu, President and CEO of DeltaTrak, “Participation in the IBM Food Trust should be more than just customer-driven. When suppliers come on board, they’re joining forces with other stakeholders, to improve the speed of food safety tracebacks, reduce waste, and optimize efficiency in the supply chain. Ultimately a win-win situation for all parties, down to the consumer.”

Built as a secured blockchain-based information-sharing platform, Food Trust connects supply chain data across the ecosystem with immutability and transparency. In addition to providing provenance insights, members of the network can realize benefits such as optimized supply chain processes, increased freshness, improved food safety, minimized waste and fraud and more.

Built on Hyperledger Fabric-based open source technology, Food Trust uses a governance model to help ensure companies can set rules about who can see the data they upload to the solution and for how long, and that they maintain control of their data even after it has been uploaded to Food Trust.

Food Trust is one of the largest and most active non-crypto blockchain networks in production today, and already conducted more than 15 million transactions. It is available as a subscription service for members of the food ecosystem to join. To learn more, visit

About DeltaTrak®
DeltaTrust, the professional services arm of DeltaTrak, Inc., will guide customers step-by-step to support them with on-boarding to the IBM Food Trust. DeltaTrak® is a leading innovator of cold chain management, environmental monitoring and food safety solutions for the produce, food, pharmaceutical, life sciences, and chemical industries. Contact DeltaTrak® by phone at 1-800-962-6776 or by email at Additional information can be found at

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