Delta Gear Company Increases Gear Cutting Capacity

Bourn & Koch 100H CNC Hobbing Machine

Fenton, Missouri – Delta Gear Company today announced:

Delta Gear Company has placed into service additional gear cutting capacity with the edition of a Bourn and Koch 100H Series II Gear hobbing machine. "The addition of this machine will allow us to better service our existing clientel with the highest precicion gear hobbing equipment available. The machine is capable of hobbing AGMA Class 11 or better pinions and gears up to a five inch diameter from 2 to 999 teeth. Our intent is to utilize this machine to service our agricultural and service equipment accounts with higher quality and faster service than they anticipate." So said Paul Muckerman Jr. President of Delta Gear Company.

About Delta Gear Company
Delta Gear Company is a manufacturer of standard and custom gears, spline and motor shafts and sprockets, including spur gears, helical gears, worm gears, spline gears, pinion shaft gears, modular gears, metric gears, axial circular pitch gears and diametrial pitch gears. CNC machining, turning and milling, CNC Swiss turning, gear cutting, hobbing, centerless and cylindrical grinding, surface and internal broaching, thread and worm rolling and honing services are available. Capabilities include staking, balancing, blanking and assembly.

Delta Gear Company has been under the same family ownership since its inception in 1956. Some of our production employees have more than of 35 years experience in manufacturing the BEST COST GEARING for our customers. We are located in Fenton Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis which allows for convenient shipping to the continental US, Mexico and Canada.

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Contact information (press members only):

Paul E. Muckerman Jr.
Delta Gear Company
345 Sun Valley Circle
Fenton, MO 63026

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