DEK Solar Appoints New Solutions Engineer to Drive Alternative Energy Production Start-ups

DEK Solar has announced the appointment of Ed Rabbitt as its new Solutions Engineer. A highly experienced addition to the team, Ed's primary responsibilities will be working with start-up alternative energy companies to develop print process solutions for advanced applications, in addition to supporting new solar installations to meet the demands of evolving production challenges.

Having worked at DEK for over 15 years, Ed has vast experience in the applications and solutions domain, also having worked in the Silicon Valley Bay Area dealing extensively with new applications in industries from semiconductor through to RFID. In his new role at DEK, Ed will be working with customers to develop print processes that meet precise alternative energy production requirements. Creating high accuracy screens to exact design specifications, Ed will develop a working process that customers can take through to production to generate an optimal performance. The new Solutions Engineer will not only play a pivotal role in process development, but will also guide customers through equipment installation and the transition to production.

Commenting on his new role, Ed explains: "Having talented service personnel to help start-ups get through the learning curve of operating and maintaining production equipment is invaluable. It removes much of the stress from our customers and allows them to focus on getting their product out. Many of the customers I work with have little, if any, knowledge of printing. So, by coming to me, they not only benefit from my knowledge of this area, but can also take advantage of a lab fully equipped to help them determine whether their designs are possible. We can help them develop the process without the overheads of expensive equipment - highly beneficial and engineered for maximum productivity. It's an exciting time in the alternative energy market right now. There are lots of talented people out there with new ideas; I am looking forward to helping them meet their goals as part of DEK Solar!"

The appointment of Ed Rabbitt is part of DEK Solar's ongoing rise in the alternative energy marketplace. Other recent development and growth initiatives taking place at the company include a large-scale expansion of its Weymouth manufacturing facility and the launch of Eclipse, a pioneering new photovoltaic metallization platform. Launching an entirely new, flexible platform design concept, Eclipse incorporates a series of field retrofittable process modules that enable manufacturers to easily scale production up and down, to 1200, 2400 or 3600 wph. Offering six-sigma repeatability for capability in advance of current solar cell requirements, the Eclipse platform also achieves print-on-print capability (PoP) - ± 12.5 microns at 2 Cpk.

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