DEK Expands VectorGuard(TM) Availability in Canada

DEK Expands VectorGuard(TM) Availability in Canada

Now considered the premiere industry standard for frameless stencil systems, DEK's award-winning VectorGuard(TM) technology is highly sought after by manufacturers that require a robust, yet versatile and cost-effective interchangeable foil technology. To ensure that customers have broad and easy VectorGuard access, DEK continues to expand product availability and has announced a license agreement with PELA Technologies, Inc.

Under the terms of the agreement, PELA Technologies will provide VectorGuard stencils to customers throughout Canada, allowing customers in the region to benefit from VectorGuard's unique advantages. PELA Technologies' central location in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and the staff's technical expertise will ensure outstanding customer support and quick product delivery throughout Canada.

"VectorGuard has quickly become the market's top frameless stencil system, and with good reason" said Neil MacRaild, DEK Americas General Manger. "The versatility and unmatched tension control and positional accuracy of the product make it second to none. Through our technology license agreements, we are committed to ensuring that innovative DEK technologies are easily accessible to manufacturers worldwide and are delighted that electronics specialists in Canada can now locally source the VectorGuard system from PELA Technologies."

When asked why PELA engaged with DEK and its VectorGuard technology, President, Larry Wall said, "We have evaluated several frameless stencil options over the years and there was nothing that met our quality and performance standards until VectorGuard. The product's superior process flexibility in addition to its outstanding print performance, storage advantages and safe handling in combination with DEK's industry leadership and technology innovation made VectorGuard the obvious choice for us."

First introduced to the electronics market in 2003, the VectorGuard stencil system combines the advantages and versatility of a frameless stencil system with the ease of use of traditional frame mesh stencils to create a versatile stencil platform with superior printing accuracy, greater cost efficiency and excellent product longevity. For more information on VectorGuard stencil technology, log on to Canadian customers may contact PELA Technologies directly via phone at 613 831-8281 or visit the company's website at

About DEK
DEK is a global provider of advanced pre-placement manufacturing solutions and innovative deposition technologies for a wide range of electronic materials. For more information, visit DEK at

About PELA Technologies, Inc.
Founded in 1995, PELA Technologies, Inc. is a stencil technology company specializing in high quality laser cut stencils for the Canadian electronics market. Full details about the company and its services can be found online at

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